Truth Jar - Doing another job

Thursday, November 2nd

What would we do if we WEREN'T on the radio?  


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Not grant us over the trees giants give us out here today so just Alley and us. Ray Mulally. So large are these to be full of Nickels now it is but questions in there to give Texas questions is 71037. My question from the U charge says if you didn't work on the radio what job do you think you would you would do not call. I get asked a lot so what's your answer I really don't know what I would do I thought about that a lot because if I got fired a Martha locked in they're like regular here anymore I'd be like. I don't know and I do yeah I would probably. Do something with him. Advertising maybe for like marketing and cannot find a product or something and works for a company. Sell something out of gas pedal like selling led an analyst selling cars or anything like that sick. Is Iraq job it is man this Cleveland made for certain people he got to learn how to take no for an answer and can turn into yes. I'll probably something new promotion and promoting a borrower promoting a website or something I don't know the somebody's creativity or maybe something you do with this picture taking a photo a shopper graphic design and now. I don't know that's a whole lot of choices it really is but I don't know what I would do think if I love that show up tomorrow to be like oh my god. He's so. I don't know why can't keep this job so please don't keep listening to them fired and I think I'll. We'll keep you around for now is for now just sag got an idealist in my contract that we'll see if they keep me. Alex yeah okay ethics treatment can. Everyday at Iowa give him a key card works it's a blessing as a public speech yes again and today that's what you're ID card works negative why that's happening. I'm gonna work today. And when this thing work and when I hate to treat your question and got a right now the text messages is as Alley who's this actually one man. On the radio commercials who always calls us little punk asses in Damascus is that you I'll allow death and I at first I was like. Dash to Doug that play things close from Russia owes us some it's. Sure. I gotta get you back in the game did that we've played those are in the day and the table that don't get how the show. Let me know this that's her name is Rachel and legal contests. It's. Sorting out. Please tell us any about me now I don't know what I did hear that left my definitely back from off right now my girlfriend's a girl's relatives if you miss the show that you miss a lot and yeah. We're funny sometimes stumble on. I'm still carried away Eric sometimes the truth Jerry had a question forced Texas to 71037. May be you'll ask your questions tomorrow morning same time kiss FM.