The Truth Jar - Cringe-Worthy Moment

Thursday, January 26th

Would you believe Producer Gibbons used to have quite the temper? Hear about his Cringe-Worthy Moment here.


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An Alley rely. In case you missed it the first time really does your job or whatever is in the future. Meals are these people did those now's the Ali is and awkward uncomfortable questions often you can send a question into the trees jarred. To 701037. You can Texas questioned. G you'll ask your question. Mine says would you start self Jenna cars become commonplace in what will you most enjoy about the new technology. Mom sleeping and how. I'm wondering waiting and getting heartburn yeah if somebody else's right in the carpets and autonomous card. To pay attention to the roadway great idea. Get an apple other car are self drive Kelli and no way the Charlie yeah I know. Curl over the backseat with a nice look and maybe in as little couple whiskey and go away and visit the Maxey hanging out maybe take a little nasty. As bad if I could well that's fat boy till he's so good. That have yet to worry about it disappoint the self driving cars to self driving car and you don't have to drive it. You would just drive around with your freedom in the dashboards that people wouldn't believe judging only did you know you do and already the people look at you on the road but like driving with their data on the dashboard pollen and I was drafted my feet and dashed today you do that now. The dollar value a weird but then cruise control people lose their mind. How is he driving this car yeah that's an amateur. Postal driving cars are some semblance thereof and and there are not too far away. So when seeing asleep in the back of the car that's not a street person that's me. I don't know the question that you just. He's got a good job keeping your friends or childhood now. Don't work for FaceBook we've rarely ever talk myself that basically. I keep in touch with my childhood friends because of FaceBook absorber that might never charged that the member getting. Intentionally did not gonna have an issue of them he's just. Don't want get a live where I grew up and we have an Illinois like I do what I continue I. They're probably all a lot of Carla all over the Cuban state drive most of them got the hell out like I'd have. Yeah every checkpoint as well I try to communicate to people are moved across the country I can truly worth business. Much in common with somebody did when your floor in very very hot very true political views change the minds of all. But did you get in what did you glad that she's shocked. From the truth you are what moment in your life still makes you cringe and this is a no brainer has is always the case. When I was younger like in my teens I was loud and angry teen I would sometimes punch a hole in the law Lorraine you Greg's bros Chan. Every team and moaning and you know that happens everybody above I went about back to Jersey for a wedding when I'm only 25 years old when my best friends weddings. And during this wedding my friends told me that my mom momma G had left with the drummer from the bad. I. Then I went home. And punched a hole in the wall at 25 years old I imagine your mom. Left homeless guy and I did that she just left within the drummer in my best friend's wedding plainly what would you do that so I get really angry about that they've punched a hole on the law and now. Every what's cooking and what's that really show. Bonds I was an angry frozen anger bush I'm happy boy knows everybody I'm. I wanted to know let's play analyst at your mom was dating RYU mad at your mom was hanging out your friends. I think it was today at 8 am my best friend's wedding she made an all about her dad. Talking about the spectacle my friend's wedding we were speculating about where my mom was with the drummer of the band which she wasn't she didn't leave the drummer of the band my friend for just jerks. It didn't I innuendo or maybe I should I let alone a lot. Maria it's the tendency to get a with a dirt with a yeah and member of the drivers trying to best one is those red. Intro sodas is moved his arms and it's gonna have to give my children pep talks season. My mom was just IKEA Iran unless they're never gonna work is never gonna work out just ignore your in my yard error there can be just a little off kills. The other night and I. I did on this trip I. Give my mom you know my last nerves on his loud obnoxious mr. as usual they're wrong but luckily you know. I sexist questions to the Jews jar 71037. Maybe we'll answer your questions tomorrow morning to kiss FM. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.