The Truth Jar - Birthday Parties and Sex Sex SEX

Friday, October 27th

What was Gibbons' best birthday party? What's the story behind Riggs' "first time"? What kinda freaky stuff does Alley do in the bedroom? Find out by listening to The Truth Jar.


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Mix and Alley re why. Right now it's time the truth jar and did large majorities usual pickles now we feel with questions your questions you get 71037. And we'll ask them what's your Israelis my questions as what was your first time lines and oh yeah. The first time getting it on. It was in my parents' face and on the showtime. And I was so nervous about its rebirth of the big C yeah now I would I was she was not. She's not she was it was ninety Anaconda and she was like no. Nose and coming into this in the senate condoms they're really is protection it was like adamant about it I was like that first hour and a half years ago that was drilled into my brain. Arianna I kind of almost passing immigration they're kind of it's US current dish out to shares due to get her birth control now now now. Credit hello I was I don't have an I was planning to do this tonight and she was a blessing and I have an amongst our she ran onto a card she had like I was like okay. I didn't aren't who has been originally intended orbit glamour and that it happened and it was very short list. I heard were your parents some of the time or read this in the basement I don't remember because that would you know I think they were upstairs into the basement. They give him his upstairs and downstairs and in the basement they were upstairs sleeping so there's a level celebrating between us. They were home I'm pretty sure they were home yeah. Laughter enlisting now I freaking out there right now whenever. No you throw around yeah if I got you yeah it had sex with foremost. It's just it's just a pop pop pop pop pop out it was your questions and I mean what sexual activity do you consider totally off. Off limits that are present what does it back. I've never they're more intently before I really really I had. Stuff I would say when you get device dubbed bondage stuff I don't what do we showed no one thought they design and I don't mind the wraps up but don't get don't show me now you don't I mean why can I don't let the state ballot people I think it's we hear us and weird and I'm sorry he's not sorry that you're saying that goes if they're exactly why you actually shelter exact why are. I did happen and assaults when usage is this is not yet why is actually here now. No thanks so I would say anything to bonded GMT violently and never gave anything like that bright coffeehouse. After all out there don't curve. Down for quite a bit dampers thank you Tim and best right there yeah but I don't paint like why would I want you to get Israel to feel good about her but I. Yeah. My birthday boy given which is huge question. From the true jar what was your best birthday party that you ever had and why it was so great never. I remember you guys my big 13 I'm 31 today when I turned Thursday's meeting I said mama Jeane. I'm gonna have a party can you do me huge their mama Jeane can you stay upstairs while I have this party and our downstairs she went sure Ryan of course I check. So we turned on the lights down low nearly collapsed late go to all kinds of crazy stuff happened and we had the first ever make out party. The out party my thirteenth through ideal body in the closet plane set and how can I I did say seven minutes I have a little better believe it. Now we are play and that too it was the best birthday ever retire Alex. Authority in this every other birthday party and anyone ever had was different. I mean seven minutes and have an alana and a closet with a girl we dissent there awkwardly. I'm supposed to do something right now it is a great name now severed his outside going extraordinary tour yet now are not doing these. Some of command gentlemen my guns in your closet greatly. You can color not just at 6 o'clock saying I. She asked I gentlemen I mean gentleman says the guy who ninety seconds ago told us about bangs and chick on his mom's futon on the I'm an closets and I'm just I don't know about you know the umbrella next an alien to close old braves don't dress shirt. I certainly didn't look like cows and stranger things for me yeah they ran. Stewart doesn't check her winning there again the wooden panel locked up. Yeah altitude job I got a question that you generally is that it to a 71037. And maybe you'll ask your questions tomorrow morning so intense kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.