The Truth Jar - All The Halloween Things

Tuesday, October 31st

Halloween costumes! Halloween parties! The Truth Jar was ALL about Halloween this morning!


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This is rigs and Alley rewind one of three point seven kiss FM rigs now it should do hollowing music for the treatment. The court should do law Halloween. Questions. All following questions who. DL information 7103 he had to get Texas 71037. I do actually know Dana had. What Halloween costume do you hate rigs when you see somebody Alley costume was the one constant that just makes you angry. The costs in the makes me angry when you get annoyed by it when to something everybody dresses up as a yes lacks the people address of the diamond amortized him. And it's over done. Dollar nothing. Old school in less time to move your current movie right it's terrific record not his. I feel like it's been done so much you ask well why you're the blue in the orange tuxedo and I've done it a fluorescent can come on but not for Halloween. Yet that when I know his name then the line at times. Night commute every life tell you out what would what would be a cost him that would embarrass you do you see your children being one day. We we are I would be embarrassed is your children dressed as what one day and much of what in black face time. Their faith did that if this isn't it I don't whether to just have been anyone that's not why try it don't go very broad try to go to. Anterior Y eight this. Yes probably got a note back saying specifically the no no no way people just delight in saying your lane. Speaking of white people being black might play into that NASCAR has yet. As what was the most controversial Halloween costume you've ever wore well I was in fifth grade. And this is when Mike Tyson bit of dinner Holyfield's here way back in the day IR that. He has gross and they came out they Mike Tyson how lean mass that has. Here in the mouth right. Remember that so I Iraq that mask I wore penny goes over my arms and legs to make my skin browns lions like Mike Tyson I'll. I'm for the same shorts Mike Tyson war. I wore this towel over my head legs might be thinking not you nobody got mad at nobody said a word in now when I think back to I'm shocked that no one said anything you know well you. And because part Ashe kids getting lit up for being Jessica busily after she apple. Yeah right do it may hey that race like that appropriations except cultural appropriation but. I don't know I should look like Aaliyah. But people are matching dress that you'd think she had only. I'm off now are virtually Kim Garnett Sheehan dresses Kim Kardashian had did she gave herself an extra ten or something you can tell that now here. And disciplines in the line when you're ahead it's a prison jumpsuit with a red wings put powder undermine us and G. Eight years it's gotten out of cocaine stuffed trick that's terrible controversial I think that they got a couple had turns. Right now raise some eyebrows they got happy Halloween no question for the truth chart at least exodus 7137 maybe we ask your questions tomorrow. The day after holing one of three point seven kiss FM three personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.