The Truth Jar - All About Cars

Friday, February 17th

It was an odd day with The Truth Jar. It asked Riggs and Gibbons questions about cars. Kinda strange? Yes. Entertaining? You betchya!


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Rigs and Kelly rewind. Time for the church our league is every morning at six starting. With a little bit later in the day but every single day and same time drew Jarvis did a question he would open his big jar at least people pickles that was a couple of these. Questions that we ask you Jennifer ask ourselves. CB tax questions to choose chart 71037. My agents are questions says. What's cars this have you phoned in your life times. Mu. Channel Lemony cars. First car ever it was a Mitsubishi Eclipse the stick shift to help ease and garbage that my mom and dad help us like got six and up. Nice and I think we spent a thousand dollars that was spent 2000 dollars repairing it it's usually don't go to Minnesota and I'll have. Then not that broke down had a Buick regal with wood in the interior. This year 85 I was and it was early ninety and it was in 92 Buick regal Sony had the red velvet plus all area. How they act is that you clearly smell like an old person probably died in a back seat. Hi there after that I had in a a Mazda RX illegal sports car and a Ford Focus they get rid of that. And had a Mazda 6 and now I am an SUV and have afford it. If this thing 2005 and pulling drive until the wheels fall off dissipated off why wouldn't yeah right. But I do remember my parents you seven Dodge Caravan which is probably one of my favorite cars they've had I Hodges all the boxy and like a minivan America Online. It's not like being on the slide the northern on the side. My mom got a minivan to doing when I first got my license we was taken out and cause. Hey can enjoy all kinds of crazy stuff first got an edge over my license was a minivan Dodge Caravan. Eight ninths and old days and so with the truth jars and let the audience and that we don't give each other the questions before and now we just pull them out of random. Well I have original question about cars as well which is kind of funny and as we are putting activities which fabulously impractical car would you like to own. I had a dream matches I was a young boy in its own aid Delorean which is the carbon. Now when this car was made much indeed early 1980s I thought it was going to be the car of the future that had the doors just opened up from the side telling the labor peace have now only more fancy. And it was like super Steelers to the big car of the future and everybody was gonna drive it. And then the money in the company they found out was through much like cocaine sales are low after lie in plastic does payment says. But now. 0:1 am and make a lot of money reason when I do. I mean Delorean okay I'm gonna get it all fixed up and put a flux capacitor in there I'm making 88 miles an hour and I'm going to the dirty dirty while my. I'd like to go underdogs. How the journal I don't know what is going to talk. But the truth John LeClair Ramona has exerted. Good question good peccadilloes and several other southern each other what other good that the budget amid a lot of got to know. Rigs and Ellie it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.