The Truth Jar - Accomplishments, Invisibility, And Living The Dream

Friday, November 17th

What would childhood Gibbons think of his life now? What would Riggs do if he was invisible? What's Alley's relationship with her ex-husband like today? Listen to The Truth Jar for the answers!


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Rigs and Kelly rewind right now it's time for the troops are so large jar and these do have pickles and it but we emptied out of pickles and eloquent questions. The pullout random questions every morning. Warning got out of the truth stratus warning you in the first game and I'll go first friend from the truth shards she came here in Texas and wanted to reset to a wonderfully you know. Questions please. But woods' thirteen year old you think of your life now thirteen year old Gibbons 31 now I think what would thirteen year old me things. Hulk she would be that habeas boy on earth really hit thirteen year old me knew that at 31 years old I'd be living in a cool city downtown. And I be on the radio doing a morning showed some really awesome people out or divert great company and I have a deep book that was cool I would thirteen year old me would be deleted now elated elated that some days that are bad and I'm like everywhere you. I Haley you backed up deep. Lately. Yeah. It's their life let's. Isn't zero south yeah when you're right you're actually there are moments when upbeat guy and I'll think what would thirteen year old you think of this small allergy you're only would say shut the heck out. Give back up on the horse and do you live your life but yeah and the dream. Thirteen year old me as to call radio stations trying to get on the radio stations yeah. It didn't really know their radios or at least I did when we were what we can't yes they don't call as much but I would into Lincoln's call now I don't that was me non is your read it which is so educating your journal now aren't I don't Robin had a topic today I try to win that bad every night at question times. Your record tenth growing artillery and and aha they. I would make copies and gives tell my front nine radio I want hopping in hey you are the radio every day. Two and general might as well coming into work come like he used to when it killed me on the radio how every day in the good stuff. My question from the trees -- says if you woke up and notice that you were invisible one day what would be the first thing that you would do what I was in his home. I would go to my bosses offices. It was totally creeped in my car. Yeah I thought I feel because of what they say they were saying they're sat here with this say about day innards aren't. Out of that figure out what's going on around here but I would wait till it was at a meeting about me and it would also take a plane. What you would nobody has sic a planet can steal a car I'm invisible right yeah it's steal a car and be like Ali you know nobody is an out of his car still Washington DC and I'd like to snoop around Washington just. Just to see. Behind closed doors. Still I do here sometime I. Fighters in Washington I don't know what it how. They had little quarter mile on this which really is gonna him. Don't forget what the good news is obesity got out of our boss's office for three years waiting for a meeting about half yeah I'm not crap. I do. Well I don't throw. Right we don't have any problems are sure to stop being an outstanding employees. Sorry I'm not a star on our. Alley which is just check pledged not like your your question had to tell us about our recent accomplishment you're proud of okay this is actually great it's Friday said he got to be even more positive on a Friday because you weekend and pal however was gonna be implications it. I am proud of the fact that. Ma I ex husband and I are getting along very well that's good. Madcow on many stores about the loosening things a little planes and a news his weight of an unknown as is that you know it's funny. So we were asked. Yesterday and I walked and he wasn't that air and I said to the lady said he'd forgotten. She goes you hear yourself and I said no when she goes. Like two months ago you would have been like he'd forgotten and apparently she makes you think he's locked in a leg and he forgot. Your right I don't much people are like call. I think I may. Change people call every happy it's like I have just got to apply. So glad it well and just try to think about positive way to look at it. Snow is if he's always laid it happens all the time he's got that you don't examination but that would have been my reaction and Maddon. Months ago literally he's not here and Versa as well maybe he just got later. And just sell well. That's really well and adds. I become so I've already got threats don't get a toward greater scrutiny and I feel I was not getting your Christmas card it's gonna. I don't wanna kill many more thought I was go I as an ad it's all for the kids good. Very good thing is the truth Geri in a question for the truth chart please text it to seven little 37 maybe we'll answer your questions tomorrow morning same time for the truth jar. I'm one of three point seven kiss FM rigs in LA it's breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.