Thursday, August 6, 2020 - Riggs & Alley (Gee-A) Rewind

Thursday, August 6th

THURSDAY BABY!  Gee-A still fills in for Alley all week - today we discussed J-Lo and A-Rod buying a sports team, Riggs is afraid to do something in his yard, The State Fair necessities, Cameron Diaz says life is amazing since retiring from acting, Riggs & Gee-A had a debate about what exactly counts as cheating - not what you think - Hollywood's newest "It" couple goes full on public, what have you stood in line and waited for, Sprecher is hosting the worlds biggest drive thru root beer floatilla, a show is coming back from WAY back in the day, and who know's the 90's is back for Throwback Thursday!  Enjoy it all without music or commercials.  Shibby.