Therapy Thursday - Too Crowded For Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 9th

Riggs needed some Therapy Thursday action to help him figure out what to do on Thanksgiving. His wife would rather stay in a hotel than with his family. What should he do!?


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Rigs and Ellie rewind some therapy Thursday's usually for listeners that. I wouldn't do therapy Thursday today against a little tiny you have an issue ideal heart rate comes in is yet to dilemma and missile culinary dilemma. Initially you're trying to minimize throughout my argument betrayed him in his life it's a fumble on marriage and I'm. Arguments Thanksgiving we're going to my aunt's house in Illinois she and how cell in the woods take a four major room house with three bathrooms got a big basement. And she invited everybody there the whole family my grandparents my mom my dad my sister is all of her Brothers and sisters and their kids. Gotta be a pretty big thing at rice she's got four bedrooms obviously what is hers that's three of the veterans hot she's an office as well. And everybody stay in the house to stay conscious and brings an air mattresses were obviously together have light cool let's find it's my family come. My wife is not comfortable doing that right. While my life geez type one diabetics and she may have to deal with like your blood sugar things like that middle of the night so I didn't see her side of that but I can also see my side going. C'mon it's my family gaffe you can suck it up for two days. 2 days you're being a little uncomfortable to hang with the Stanley who just had a death in the Stanley Mandel passed away back in July. How we lost in the suicide so we're all going to be together like sharing stories and idol wannabe next. Towel hanging out it's like 10 o'clock at night and we're getting innocent stories and hanging out at a good time headings and drinks and Emma got to drive 27 minutes to a hotel they. Early 25 minute what she lives like the woods might might. He inherited I've followed him there is secluded places hotels around but it didn't get to twenty minute drive to get to a. Tell that you sort of be at the house with your dad play and be but it your family say you feel that way but she does that right. Does she have any time ago a relationship and your family is great plumber okay lover so much as she looks like family and somebody else's house like living her life for two days without. It is going to be how the wake up in the moment and step over five cousins due to the bathroom you don't. Interact via yet midnight I don't know how crowd is going to be. Also look when you're hanging out there Stanley enjoying drinks you don't have to do all I have to stop hanging out right now and just chill for two hours for we drive to the hotel. Do you regularly and they load off with your family and SL if you want to put a limit daily. Totally what do you think what has today approach the situation might be injured by saying just suck it up ice. I get why she once he comfortable she wants her own hotel room yeah and I don't know why staying in hotels big deal really but rental rates so the problem has a lot has not gonna be ready till noon. Maybe you ready AAF restrict already doing your hair for more owners only. He's generally stuck hey they gonna be stuck at the hotel and you know baton of the c'mon celebrate what do you think. Actually approached this I need your help 79910378. In Texas 71037 held amazed at their to their sickest nobody ever helps me out with my problem I thought I had a crown. I would not ask me oh bad inside and a 37 north Texas and we have to do we have checks every a lot of ten. Max Q can you say one day at her house and one day at a hotel now you're likely to suck it up this sounds fine and ran an RV. Yeah Chris target in the French he said he wanted to do and and oh yeah you know you're not a bad idea your family is her feminist MI and Mosley cal all the time I'm looking and I would never skip battle family time Riggs is right. Why aren't. That's trying to institute not trying to stick it out now about I think it's not about her sucked about the entire family and just deal with that all so what do you could request having one of the best the bedrooms because your wife has the diabetes issue bedroom personal space truth lives digesting it morning what do you think. Good morning. So I actually had type one diabetic it while. And I carry my own that would mean right I mean obviously my LA nobody I about it I had been spam Leino I'm I have I act do you insult. I had a pumped. No I mean you alert and wake up everyone around on and they care about and everyone knows but I'm diabetic I'd bring. Burton act I would help a little bit bad not bad closer to the door if you do have to get up. Easily get up at the restaurant or whatever might happen though I think back up. Welcome. Thanks for content he she does an amazing he does anyone seasoned Czech girl. What are the couple. Some that it might get uncomfortable to sleeping arrangements but it is what it is lights is about spending time with loved ones yeah. Tiffany good morning what do you think. I'd bringing. And you'll call say it. You look happy abstinent stay you're all right how bad. Heard they outboard cowgirl. Up until you're all or without I'd like to chat about it yet. Actually a pretty awesome nine PR BIR and REF friends he asked him Emeril private space that. We are hopefully united we got a text knowing that brings what's the dole for sure what to do some cheese and cultural that's when it comes down to it she's the one going home with him after the holidays and a desire should catch anybody else is true nonetheless the medical disorderly diabetes don't force them to broadcast that process of them or have to hide in the bathroom to do it. Right what's our secret that she has diabetes nicely out now than have them but damn I agree your wife is going home with you yeah she S to be happy you. But it goes both ways right in Mali and she boy and we should ignore and look at the but it should rest tomorrow and an aberration we get a hotel for the Stanley Thanksgiving thanks so don't tell us. That's how I had to go ahead. Well idealist bereaved family angry and I can tell you that very apt. No loss or a suicide is an am at a time. Where everybody should do whatever they can't let it end up at the white and that adds. I yours knowing how they were staying with no not the same name I don't. I honestly might not uncle. Can't say. Is it isn't it it is that husband of the woman who's hosting that everybody must go and do whatever you want and get some power and everything out. Better check my cousins on my counsel's widow now probably won't even show up neither of those kids that we don't think they're gonna show I allow death. This is we have another examination again. Yeah. It can't. To me on how badly that family grieving you. It was pretty that he. Can we do to you all fear girlfriend had asked you just a whole lot of. Should get together and stayed together and let an extremely. Aggravating circumstance which it may be for your wife I think it. Pre packed the couple or that if she can make it work and I think. The call Donna I don't I want to talk to you don't hold out relent on Jessie has like the woman in his room and I'll hire you should complete a whole lot Hollywood you taste. Yeah. I think it has truly help relieve prison if you don't get a hotel yeah I think it is generally whatever is like what I was 900% about that or we're gonna book one of the rooms and calm and to say it but you one of the rooms and that's what we did is we got another new face. Went up three point seven kiss FM Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a damn dot com.