Therapy Thursday - Love Triangle Triage

Thursday, November 2nd

Jenny has a BF, but he's been treating her badly lately...however her BF's FRIEND has started to be SUPER nice to her, so what should she do - ditch her current man for his bro, or stay with her dude?  What a love triangle...


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Time for therapy Thursday can always send us messages FaceBook dot com slash she is Milwaukee did what I tell us untaxed. Jenny reached Jefferson and he adds an eerie sound this is real awkward sell basically Sheridan doesn't she said she's confused because she's been dating this guy came. And issue out like somebody doesn't really treat that great so it's kind of fizzling out there are not exclusive to they've been dating and the problem is one of his best friends. Flirts with her treats are really well yeah thinks his best friend likes her she actually started out like the best friend because he's. Nicer to work. What she'd do it now she don't love triangle basically she's dating one guy who treats her like crap right prince treating her great and she thinks like surge she now likes. And one. What city jail. I did jump zero to hero pat writes I don't care is also smoked two problems and a ceiling daddy she's dating also come with his friend is moving in on his girl. Maybe he's my he's pretty. Maybe he sees how do you write crap I'm not a dude dregs I don't think about back our staff something in the senate and a much with this guy's friends prob not ma'am. I got her now how would you like. Cited a givens is treating his girl from the craftsman and I was single I wouldn't move in on his girl and they'll be breaking bro code bro what. Well he he shot at love with that what if you were just in love what she can't couples who can't find it fun. We have to kill all of her friendships because we're still in love. I can't fight this feeling and they're on how many million people in the world with just one person I can't live amounts to which is seeded second is love triangle now you know Jane Davis guy he treats it like crap right she thinks is best friend likes earnings of the stewards what's the date best friend now. Jenny duty at some advice for her 7991037. You can call or if you wanna text in Texas 71037. Good morning Sara in Milwaukee. What do you think she should do. I. Don't. The news and current. I ate it and friend I do for. And do it or not the greatest from that point. All right lets a friend in nicely so you were elected. Now I am long I'm. Married I'm clout. The original voice her wedding yeah. I know he moat. And you look. Well and we got her out as originally aired. Okay C say jump ship and go with a friend of his treat you better. That year and I. On and thanks for Colin Sarah Megan isn't Celadon Megan what do you think Jenny should do and her love triangle. They're the same bonus they at the caller that actually think speculation. Jump ship let the French. Even other Kirk I viewed it quickly just ask Mary earlier the look. Wow go with the industry knew better. Two for two sinks for college. Jenny and he walking what do you think should Jenny. Haitian jumps up big hacked think this is like night and no error. Yeah I get. Not really boyfriend that the guys getting extra thin out through a friend I mean I mean we met up for drinks and that. We bend the American people are an aide Mary appeared. Well that's amazing that you guys is that together but I just did she eighty that you supplement now when you do need the other guys yes absolutely never. A little analysts how important are now. Thanks for Colin vegan and recall says it all right there it is jump ship and go with a friend who happened to worry about the toward friendship that's going to be between your boyfriend and his friend now. Another situation for another therapy that is.