Therapy Thursday - Leaving Her Husband Because He's Fat

Thursday, April 20th

They made a weight loss pact, she kept to it and lost 85 lbs, he lost interest in the plan and gained she wants to leave.  What should she do? 


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LEY. In case you missed it the first time you'll get notes from people and they're looking for some advice and who want to allow will reach out to you for some health this 1 AM. Caught and I would make it had to do with weight Yasser Alan there's angels sing and she sings. Interesting message on her name is Jennifer McCullough Jennifer and what he's a real man can't she says so my husband and I made a pact last may eighth seed in shape for this summer time. Who gonna do it together we would hardcore with her dieting and exercising we were already both on the heavier side at. I was over to fifteen he was well over 300 pounds. It was a great way for us to do something together and both get healthy and active and motivated as a couple right then he started caring less after about a month to Wear red line. I haven't I can't doing in trying to encourage him along the way he just wouldn't do and he started to give neat yeah. Crap for continuing on in saying it wasn't worth it just enjoy life. A son. Now I'm happy to say in almost a year later I lost almost 85 pounds. In less than a year. He's now probably twenty pounds heavier easily although I haven't checked his waiter asked him and that it's shallow from went in to leave high nine there. Today's rates on my best friends. I said to me years ago and it's so true and here woman starts losing a lot of weight you better watch out she's got to leave your grass. I didn't count I started out like 6800. His 85 pound out. She's thinking about leaving your house announced you wondering if she's being too shallow or not to what do you think 414799. Ministries yeah you're leaving a first. Right. They tied it here if you agreed to do it together earn the am. Somebody can get a new blood work out together and get a sweater on again shall together afterwards ranks is romantic sometimes that. I think is to be a little bit shallow that you that hasn't he was not a cure himself and she's trying to get him to yeah you better get out is eating habits and she actually indicating that's and that's what it sounds from. She and he's not changing then that's fine as if she's communicating that to write easily passing. She has clearly indicating that I have yes like yeah I love you but I'm not as attract. Plea deal and I want you know have a hot sex life so let right out there definitely this is sitting behind closed doors and presenting him a burden did you get everyone else and sending out the latter race and reduce solution to note yeah -- what to do now we've got Smart listeners and some people that are beyond rational he's so and so many couples go through. Anything like this where they chain Jerry now they don't there's. Yeah I don't know I don't know what the answer is implement 47991037. Good morning to set Andy has some advice for Jenna she leave her husband now. The shooting two. I think you might be Michelle is that just got her we get good grades other stuff. Going I in the communication line and that I think she should work it out and not think about leaving them. Do you think there's a communication problem and made only if not the only reason she leaves him dressed try to get the what happened if you could think about the wasting as. What if he gets cancer error in loses Alice like what you looks different for another resent and I are gonna say you're gonna they were eating you know is a choice and now there's not but I think. Anything can happen to my what you got no car accident got paralyzed which she still loves them my legs and say he's the same person like are you gonna Latin. And whether they had Tito looks like they're not. My last I wheelchair access to civil and we got married just now wheelchair testing has since the day after we set our thousand she got hit by a car more in a wheelchair for the rest your life. That'd take Gerri what is still wanna be with you. The answer is yes then yes the wheelchairs. And I think that's a 100%. This is different but it is a way that I can see you think that communication thing probably to work on the team. The telecommunications. Think that aren't ruled had there can't be very aren't they got during the marriage. Right let's go. Yeah now shall thanks for colored solution Hala appreciate your input. At the same per cent yeah it's on any one else. We think what Jenny she's thinking about leaving her husband does he didn't stick to the weight taxis down 85 pounds and he is up twenty pounds. Now. Gotten me. And she she said that he is now. Tallying her and telling her it let's work enjoy life. Yeah moral not being supported. Kind of feel like she yeah I don't really supporting each other actually your I actually have. Yeah friends I not go have. Heart that cotton wool I would be like I'm no matter I didn't. I believe and CIA. Anybody stranded bring me down no I'm dreaming aren't I. Do you think he's seen you know verbally. Mega cab first sudden things he's trying to do. How did it putting her down because he does not play a girl out and he's jealously and out of lanes. Totally good points on CBS oncologist finally had to literally her. It ham. At what ever wait till even if he is twenty pounds heavier I don't think that seemed. Cold snap that they slapped him any laughs aside different cited slam one's he's started getting. I strengthened our response argue they are when you married Amy thank you very much. Older woman often anxious SM it's your advice for Jennings. Have a couple or one roommate and I think the first point is what people need to understand about especially women when they got it back I don't. Armed physical transfer me you know not only physical but it's very psychological. Wow. Seems that you ask her bread and if you're lucky car that they get at it he especially with. This kind of situation that's how you that he really do. Beckett curt and and it doesn't mean that all the credit or got it up with this person that you buried at that leaves very them are pretty bad you. Yeah but like that in his car with staying there. A complete disconnect at this point wears it or not I'm bored anymore. Communique here now. In Europe or America if you really look at how. Oh it is very important I think I don't think if there ever got optically pure mean they're need to be. Mean that's something well yeah. And it's like look if you don't team we're communicating its nineteen putting me down for I don't like better. I think she needs to me like I wanna leave views this is like she need to be like I and you are right now so there you're gonna fix this are now yes they don't birthday. Ironically president which I agree she have to communicate that come to Jesus talk in general when. Jesus moment. Thank you for less than we appreciate your input this morning that they telegenic populist than they usually we think he should do. Coming out one final big conversation about the way things you either love someone or you don't tell exactly happy about it can yeah. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.