Therapy Thursday - His Wife The Flirt

Thursday, October 12th

What would you do if your friend's wife was REALLY flirty with you to the point that YOUR wife noticed?


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This is a Sally rewind this hysterically Thursday could always send us messages FaceBook dot com slash kissed Milwaukee we get them of course we read them and if they're worthy of you know. Reading on the air we'll do that Allen what do we have this week. I think every exactly Gibbons I noticed over the course of these last couple months that a friend of mine's wife was overly flirty. Around me of it too much in social situations. Suit attaching this woman was. So right up to my wife my wife told me she'd noticed it too and thinks this woman has the hots for army. Why I'm flattered I assume it's a passing crash in the meantime should I be avoiding her. It will be hard we're all friends rob the same group of voiding your means avoiding most of my friends. What do I do is show onto he would sit out all his friends why it's like ten hit economy his own blanks are now ASEAN. She is being slurred nations. She's not existing clarity she's letting his wife know about a half making and making it obvious now that his life it's people are oblivious now yeah you know I mean. I live and Arab flirting and don't even realize they're doing it sometimes you out ads. Well and as a whole thing and if I'm being overly nice is that mean ending flirting. The gap that dilemma shall they. Anyone's noticing that I would gets its clarity exactly and I'm wondering if this is a problem all around with this league because of her husband doesn't know maybe she actually this everybody. Boundaries in gap sound boundaries. What do you think 7991037. Or can text you're a little bit of advice to seven model 37. How butter finish for therapy Thursday some advice somewhere in the texts given what EC text message says if I were the wife I'd be saying that in that woman might god telling her to lay off my main thing. Yeah if elected his pledge to say something death can allow a woman to woman hey playoff and and let us. You got a husband. Sarah's a Milwaukee morning what do you think. I think that people are you need to succeed that piece go into here. Okay and leggy Chester man who cares let her have a crush on him or her problem you heard there her pro lies with her husband clearly vanishes but you're in a social group of friends and now that's going to be super awkward because it's your group. Group of friends and your friends what it is now it's weird to me Jenna boundaries yeah. Well I'll bet that's OK and I was like no quiet negotiation not hitting. Because also. You know typical somebody is maybe outgoing and he'd be great definition are Larry. And I looked at our outgoing person. And some let me take that as you know being. Ernie and I know race. I disagree because I did outgoing person and I friends that are outgoing and I can tell the difference in women that are overly 38 outgoing and just Alco there's a different we have some women need attention and so they're a little bit more over the top now how I. I can think of friends who Lindsay was she saying as far as what the eye plus he's inclusion. This concludes there's a big act and the white agrees that. You know his own wife agrees is getting hit on now it's not just ham is what I sang. I don't patent that she'd be you know. Somebody else's statue between Pat White and her husband because it's their secure America. Yeah I hope it you know welcome. I'm just saying it's your friends and your friends that solves a respect thing. I'll tell you something I've been here with the finger at people without its exe. Okay and. He knew I was. I just think this acts. Are good and Sarah thanks for college. You Teresa I was English at a Darlington and we any news or Sarah Jessica Good Morning America what do you think's. But the friends is his wife his friend's wife is sitting on his life notice and an Iranian. Now I felt this good morning just assemblies and west Dallas we think it. I think that it she really generally think that the third. Bad news at that she need that that doctor Alfred add up all they needed at that about a couple of popped a ball. Distanced themselves. Little a little while to get it like we're not in our monopoly here. Yes I'll send a little message we know a guy you honestly don't want this to his neighbor's wife. Exactly true story all day and you know it's kind of like you think about stuff like that like a honestly you now what amass is right that's it happens all the time that she's Desperate Housewives allow them safely. But for the Mulder how hard maybe the fourth among Lebanese have a very awkward conversation Zimbabwe and why are you hitting a man has been let's stop this right now. In front of somebody at the current issue how much they'll need an up way more than it normally doesn't she seem way more action yup but maybe should go to the moment you desperately Horton for a. Yeah. Collins specificity. That's funny of their users able limits us and about offensive page you can continue to give advice as well to one point seven kiss FM and Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.