Therapy Thursday - The Halloween Hussie

Thursday, October 26th

Therapy Thursday dealt with a d-bag who is angry with his girlfriend's Halloween costume. Dude took it WAAAAYYY TOO FAR!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind a three point seven kiss FM dregs and Allie every Thursday we do therapy terrorist day you need help for sultan looking for some advice. You know you do FaceBook dot com slash I just Milwaukee given you an early this email Shirley Riggs GL from Dwyane this from Dwayne in Milwaukee. Dear Riggs an Alley. I don't my girlfriend for six months of this'll be our first Halloween together she's going to be a naughty nurse and she looks like a total slug. Her but teacher hanging up her skirt and her boobs are super pushed up fallen test. We don't know part of this week and I got to be honest it's usually go out looking like that she's pretty much asking for every do in the building to grab a handful. When that happens I'm sure she'll want me to pick a fight but that's on her. Should I bother trying to get her to change her costume or letter go and it would she kind of deserves. From Dwayne in Milwaukee to deserves. Okay Dwayne. Is an all instead of a tool limitless aren't dad look at that kind of do you Sheen. But now. I cannot tell that she needs some attention and your acumen to re mediated. I is Celine insecure. You are saying or she's a beautiful young woman who once the show would she's gotten months to get dressed up on how pained and you hear a grown up you can just tell you want us to the senate and twenty got a body to Wear that outfit what you mad about espionage smuggling known nurses dressed like that just put Johnson's discipline nurses. Hey Jim Davies Annika at a hospital a few drives all whitehurst is more full body loose drives today. Airplay to get dumped on again. Crocs do yeah. Sox stuff. The way I knew how to keep the situation. Yeah we do say that no nurses are last I hope this out what do you think to engineer how does he broached the situation 7991037. I think he should put on a firefighter with a chest out. And the man credit goes one of those Chippendale dancers just a couple of high. I'll look like gotten to oh I just I doubt I'm Chris Farley's name they're going to interest. I know it Chippendale and I Internet via a 7991037. I how does Dwyane. Navigate these waters therapy Thursday 7991037. And he beat me. Is it that we can Texas 71 of two does that change. Air and good morning what do you think. And I ain't it'll help the party gathered to be pretty obvious that he let somebody that you cloud they won't get. Get on that First Act dead end he got abundant here. Yeah Lee didn't get a hit I'm disrespect I hate to Brady took and what we get it on all the time and you don't know about it so yeah. It sure does and you know buys her satin. And it's gonna get compliments. So hole I trust my man I just don't trust everyone else or rice worse personally I'm like no that's not the doesn't work it right yeah. Carried out around other dream yeah -- thanks for Colin. Now let's get a guy's advice and yeah I had an interest seen what do you think and. Yes the I believe that I'm the guy who's been married twice. And has gone through that situation in place. Just a couple of and repeating cycle Ari. It got as many as like a cat. You know you have to show would complement their demand that their relationship can be. Feel comfortable at that you have your back then now you don't have all a lot of other guys out there. Yeah save that one mainly due to who we are we get when you let us know if we're gonna Wear shirts with their boobs out an Arab media why we're cleavage shirts sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Else you know they know who or where is it. Yeah thanks for Colin demonstrations and mainland podcast I'll have more details Jamie in west and what do you think tattooing should do. But as scantily clad nurses dressed girlfriend. I'm an eerie. I didn't say about that and the had a lot of heat bad bad. Based on what should rank sheep and barrack are trying to do there debate crowd. Really inappropriate and I wanna no matter what you do random nerves grass. He should dump it and I agree. But I consider dropping and dropping the Mike and Alan jam. He's the Hershey should be dumping him out. Well we'll see if they're still together. The sweet little respect not to duplicate it and it for a gallon fish at their to their it's one of three point seven kiss FM. Riggs an Alley at Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.