Terrible Topic Tuesday - Turkey and P.E. Debates

Tuesday, November 21st

Do you like light or dark turkey meat? What did you call the school subject that involved exercise? Enjoy Terrible Topic Tuesday!!


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I. Rigs and Alley rewind it's terrible topic Tuesday. Just we think Tuesday couldn't get any worse. Tuesday pretty terrible topic Tuesday June year you can chime in on a terrible topic at 71037. And text or call 799. One of 37 but if you call it means a topic isn't terrible and you're defeating the purpose. If you really need one call you can totally cans. Here's my terrible topic Jack givens Jack. Growing up and school them what did you call that class where you didn't like sports stuff and physical and make activities what did you call that class. I would go to would jam. Four X is dead. You college gym for the beauty called. PE we go to peace he gets is that the evidence is that it was all the same. We called all three yeah I was wondering if he had one of the other that you word we would prefer not actually. GM or PE which would you call that it's a recipe was for something totally different than physical education crickets the offensive side. But perhaps the best thing in gym class by the way it was last basketball basketball can. But I don't know not dodge ball wade back and like elementary school the giant flag yeah they produce and around and you'd you'd had the flag up and down and and you have to run underneath the flag parish would be yeah. That's I think the shoot half plus the flag was. You pear shape again delegates you get the Rooney who would you have to run any type of course. Us the best he's doing gym class courses that are whatever you call a taxi notre cookie and ought to be evil and that several with the names home in May and it's called exercise what has come. It is good right it. Give us which of Terrell topic my terrible topic brings you know Thanksgiving is a few days away Jeff do you prefer. Like meat or dark meat on man. Both. There you can thank you I'll be honest with cable now. 99 point 365%. Of the people I know deaths are either super late meet or super dark to me right in the dark is little more tender. A little more flavor and so ridiculously delaying stuff there. I'm just going to meet yet easy to Jimmy meets but I love a good white GC breast. Here in RS team I like how to. White meat may be to start to the dark meat in the sandwich afterward at all god gap did you see breasts feel Jennings and then on the radio and I hit a terrible to talk about Turkey's. What we've got no calls would do each week we haven't Texas a scout does that count that as detected about. Blood the gym class how would you collagen class thought Janet I called it PU and I was in school Obama oh my god rigs glad for the first time ever get the calls let's forget about the calls it could be attacks from both offense I called key eat keep you and I was in school today and someone says they also prefer a mixture of light and dark meat so let the first time ever rigs we have no terrible we have no terrible topic I'd do. Odd. That means we don't have time mistress somewhat insisting sometimes sometimes sometimes it very. Don't be used to attempt terrible WT is it will happen next week same time. Reason Alley it's breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.