Terrible Topic Tuesday - Pasta and Coffee Preferences

Tuesday, November 14th

Keurig or coffee pot? How do you like your pasta cooked? These are two topic of discussion that are so awful, we'd only talk about them on Terrible Topic Tuesday.


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. Terrible topic Tuesday. Think Tuesday couldn't get any worse Cesar terrible topic she would never call for them they're not good topics like the crazy things that happen you on Black Friday which people call forth. They are awful terrible topics you can call 4799103740. Can Texas 71037. But you probably won't because they're terrible topics he went the first I got a sinker all I don't know all the time stinker Gibbons what is your table topics is Allen's not here and then. How do you prefer. Your postured cooked okay deal like it a little bit firm and when he met you boil it right you're like it's just right forty you'll like it. Overly boiled to the point where it's almost like mushrooms. This is a big argument that we have in our house all the time with my wife and I really really is my wife is terrible my wife likes it very. Very well cooked club almost emotionally poppy she likes and boiler heck out of it yet keep going I ain't like it. Not Al Ventura still little old antiques into the crunch and a name to an attack now than him and I look at a little bit more cook little more than now than today so elegant right in between where it's still yet that texture of the cost us. Four it's not like the crunch or anything malicious like a nice dumplings type late. Flavor and she hates it she hates that so now I have to take like part of the pasta acrimony I'm not I. An iPod and a strainer. Can you cook and rested it for Hurst Hurst has more Sheehan horrible or make a compromise but it's always a fight always a fight. I prefer more of an Al Dan today yeah I realize yesterday last night yeah that I hate the almost more sheets. Tyson worst. I was having a convert I have the pops on the stove right in my body Fred called sober talk on the phone I lost track of the pasta comment I got it pulled away too much and it was just not the greatest I'm like. All that didn't boil overdid it known I don't know enough thank you thank god I I've been lows on Lola a low blow but for way too long. Costa perfect terrible toxic gas and you're by terrible topic is this. Do you have a cure equity K cups and would you rather have that for your coffee. Single serve for. Make like a pot of coffee does have a good pot go and use keep Celadon top and enough here in there or is still the big travel mug and feel that way which would you rather do. The broke guy in mean. Says the full the full arm pulling pot would be on top of color who are because that big pot will last me for five days are recycle it. Reduce reuse recycle just keep isn't a lot yeah. I'll have a cup here at an operative in the fridge to it's it's fresh it's safe and all of the cups and the next day it's in the fridge it's good gal. We really can't the jury is it's way too high maintenance we two point Torre for me for the acid at a broke dude you know. And going to fill up the water in the reservoir of that hearing is the worst the I don't drink coffee in her house my life does not hearing and she drinks all the time. It's held together constantly refill T and you have to put distilled water and agencies use tap water is a gun sub ball the innards of the teary machine. So I would prefer to go back to the old pot method to send a big pot of coffee adding that better. You don't have the destruction the environment from the K counts which is terrible he can't recycle. Is it at a coffee grounds is item on any Havoc that VA can recycle them Jesus to throw blazing his. All these caicos are littering up the environments. Why would you do that's make one got a copy throw it grinds on more you can accomplice the grinds. I felt like such a hit right now. Now Rick that you asked which I prefer getting used to ask what actually happened because and what I had the regular old pot full of water to an instant coffee at popular hot water and I sir opera is Sarah have really thick and the grounds the instinct around a young eight citadel details on Tuesday the phones are dead nobody is calling. Success this is great success yeah. Some things. I had won a three point seven kiss FM I'm I'm I'm I'm the Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a Dem dot com.