Terrible Topic Tuesday - Binge-Watching, Pillows and Soap

Tuesday, October 31st

Your watching preferences, how many pillows you use and how much loot you spend on soap were the worst on Terrible Topic Tuesday. Enjoy!


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And Ellie rely. In case you missed it the first time it's terrible topic Tuesday in August we think Tuesday couldn't get any worse and topics are terrible. This is terrible call. My terrible topic is very brief. Message to a stranger things. Have you watched ES in my life I have yet. Curious do you guys would you rather have. They show that you love drop an episode once a week when her Nash she ends or. You're wrestling one's own and you have to wait until an anticipation or. Get a whole load and NAFTA blow to the whole my whole seasonal hole or a lot of good Loyola. Well Iran he finished up a lot of people do. Even if I DVR every week it ends up on my age unit and lodging and I like what's the difference then I'd rather have them all there. I wanted to stop. There's something to be set for watching them all the same time that Daniel like I gotta wait a year because when a stranger things three and come on now CNN wait another year at our house. I'd rather wait one week between episode than in tiger a year for the whole new seasons from space it out space actually he's a patient bills here once a week some time I like Colorado wants to outline Senegal once Tim. Here's my terrible lot of what. Hello do you use that to be big old he is 12 or three case there is that weird three and every year but you don't like what I was really I. Now that's like a pregnant woman thing now it's. Skinny lie and then my two bigger ones there to be right size though sure what I stats aren't they can't be fair use which had a fall free still. Still that her genetic. We get they're exactly the right. I've worn him down into what I'm OK I. One skinny wanted to comedians and whenever you can't find one pillow that matches the figure out there now. And I used to Telus but I kind of smash one out so I'm really on the sleeping on one he'll get kind after the as most of you know by going into storm getting my head on the pillow for five seconds you can't. I think beyond him the ball like gets my ear for ten minutes I'm like I don't think by no means nothing less than buying a matches she hoped you know Carolina man well now. I know how high used to but that I I use a third is a body color I was too with the body pillow and nine time that a tonight wake up with my head on the body pillow and I'm not using the but to sleepless night since it won a body. Okay two and a bye ya cannot seem extreme right. Given what you Gerald at a time what do you spend more money on dish soaps for Bastille. I blasts up fast so now Scherer I bought both the other days three bars about somebody to 49 Irish spring. And Mike did show was three dollars and 49 cents more dish so I was so you remember did I. Fashion no no I do your job. Also have you got a dishwasher you would never used to show yeah metro Mary try yeah has little pods whenever which was another terrible topic and the that's the thing that I remember we Arizona you're great yeah Eric Brewer. Look what a goalie. That it gets an Alley it's great terrible topic did you. I like very chopper three weeks unless. Say other starlets out a Tuesday. Ball terrible there's no many how perfect perfect thank you for not calling for Darryl atomic Tuesday you made it work us. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.