Taye Diggs Interview

Thursday, September 29th

Actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs called in to talk about  AIDS Walk Wisconsin & 5K


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The rigs Nellie podcasts this Saturday aids walk Wisconsin haven't into the summer fest grounds. Please welcome to the Shelley honorary chair mr. tainted eggs to morrow morning morning. Eggs it would amend your on the what do you what's happening and I can dictate example of it right now how loud. You are so I'm sure you are women tell you that all the time. That when they say you're gonna be the honorary chair at the eighth block I about died. No it's it's really just there's going to be. You being. And our. Agreed to grant and aids walk Wisconsin and the biggest one in Wisconsin. I'll do it every year and year probably arguably one of the biggest ones we've had they've had quite a few shares over the year out what is the significance of the cut this fight against aids mean to you personally and they've been on rental what does it mean to you personally of the original members Arantxa yeah. Absolutely love the you know. It's a matter of that showed that it's so important to me are you don't do people. Certainly with this disease so I'm always. Lauren then. You know and end up in the line art despite. Trying to get people excited you. To register and come in and support his cause because. What manipulate. It an inconsistency which people speaking that. Well aids a disease that we don't worry about any more but that sort of doubt it because people. People are still struggling with. Terribly costly. Or. People to work to get better than and the that event supports people. Getting the minutes that they need regardless. The deed whether or not covered by insurance events that you so are we need to get people that spent us it's WW. Aids walk. W I dot org and come support. The growth going to be good enough to be an event. And you ran a five can't hustle are things since I never never in my. It at the time to do it was any time it could be affected us. Absolutely take digs have you ever been to Milwaukee I have never been Milwaukee's. I don't like saying the word though. I got lucky that's our center nick did it matter if. Yeah I guess I'll act is now gone when for the good land to stop bad stuff. What it was on Wayne's world it's got to be true right. The sirte added to ask you. Of course we were all talking about our favorite movie that you were in the other day and ya. And of course the woman I said it will I said it's how Stella got her groove back job and then at the guys were like it's Malibu is both applauded job. Every. Or she are what's your favorite movie you think that you dead. I mean about didn't. River fortunate. I'm my I'm comedy my comedy mad my thoughts go out malamute most wanted was what little the most common. And series irons are you. You know I'm worked with a Terrence now on empire and it's it's. It's just a chip that the you know how you know how are revoked from new art you know event will be a special. It in my heart. Empire is taking off now see how that shows something else it's sunny world. And there and their plans to be on that area at the moving down the road feature and dress codes. The audit I think I'm going to be on the so or direct the seat and so it's been great have a really good friends with just to mullah. Exactly predictor Toronto under certain group you are. He's is that millions. In line with those are pictured there are strange NBA's as well girls. It's been cool. Yeah obviously we're honored Evian town on October 1 on some of the summer fest grounds for the that aids walk and five K run you have a chance to hang out in the law he lie here at all. I think I am a member Ben. Strategists murders that are around enough and let me know what stuff. So I'll feel a ladies colleague lady that phones blowing up now I'm. I thought that. The data what they what sickened. I enough registered once again WW aids walk. W I I a org let's get people registered or Camara supports. Yep it's October 1 is best rounds downtown www. Aids love WIS dot org. I would say digs the honorary chair this year is accused so much for us senators have a cell phones yeah. Yeah to me ill and we're glad you're doing nets and this is Gerry I think you know the months for the cause October 1 down at the some of those grounds. Of the rigs and Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.