Sweetest Day Is A SHAM Holiday!

Wednesday, October 18th

What we learned about Sweetest Day is that...well, we don't understand it OR know much about it aside from that it's a SCAM holiday!


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This is rigs and Ellie rewind sweetest day you guys this Saturday. So pissed. Most importantly printing NutraSweet stand to forget forever cheese ball the you know there's only ten states that really celebrates this day and I can't believe there's. Jimmy era Illinois Indiana Kentucky Michigan Missouri North Dakota Ohio South Dakota West Virginia Washington. And Wisconsin tiger Vanilla and I never sweepstakes I'd love to. I never heard of it in Indiana until I moved here to Wisconsin I think immediately reveal it here than meets a girl Marc Holliday and a real holiday it's literally a holiday hallmark came up with make money under percent he had so annoying I don't think there's anybody listening that. Is excited about sweetest and that is going to be celebrating sweetest day in some sort of grandiose fashion. 799103. Senate I don't think that anyone is listening in our I don't think so let's answer to meet hacked. Right Ballard and thank your booty cinema ticket out. Some of the genuinely looks forward to this every year like its calendar holiday a time when it on the calendar and they want to celebrates we just entered the. Or are you moved here I'd never heard that before then and I moved here and I got a girlfriend and our first weekend together was sweetest day weekend and I to figure out what kind of the sweetest day yeah I don't Ira bunches up and take her out. Why didn't diner insurers. The times 79 and one of 37 or published attacks seven model 372 morning I'm missing. Not know much US sweetest day celebre tour. If that's how I feel about it and when I Eric. MP golf I think it's the biggest BS holiday ever when I imminent release and yep I want it. Not gonna stop us. Right that's the only grass is always greener I said if you've got to beg your ran a dig you up for sweetest day is love and attention manned. Yeah I mean you and everything else. I I totally am lucky bird and I did there and yell at me like that's. For existing audio. Yeah and Bo you feel the same way about Valentine's Emma suing. Don't single out a winner in a relationship. What's next what's acceptable gifts for sweetest and is there a dollar amount or is there in a certain activity. Now what we have daily blood and order out yeah. Watch a movie at the time to get there immediately and part about it. Doing something sweet writes cedar you're not expecting a trip since Rome or something now and no rain. And hope. Couple a if people actually do that and sweetest day yes. Cliche a total mission and missy thanks Colin and those were proposing a sweetest they're proposing and a Jumbotron of the sporting. I didn't even know it's elitist and senator taxes LA yeah yeah really we didn't know virtually no tear. You are just finding out about this terrible holidays suite is staying cancer acampora men's Valentine's Day. Damien seeing good morning are you pro or anti sweetest day. Good morning I'm I think I am pro America. Yeah academic all the the other a couple of years. And it's like my birthday on weekends. And leaders say that our anniversary of the certificate big like celebratory mob. Yes yes it's a piece. Yeah it is right but sadness and I feel like get. It would just stay in October probably wouldn't like celebrated at much. Isn't that happens we holiday in happen mile silence tells a way to spend an extra cash. I think god I want you there and wait till sweetest day Valentine's Day year anniversary to get attention deemed hello yes. Yes apparently I'm a sucker like actors ice and all this money list or my girlfriend for sweetest thing in basal and I'm seeing in the text. Valentine's Day is for the girl now it is our guys I would tell us that's what they're yeah that's that's a bunch or crap isn't well. I march boy has really got. Well you don't talk about Google is saying. Yeah 38 right now good morning Aaron in Greenfield sweetest day yes or no he forest. I'll do. No not really but I agree Alley carried that it would or that guy like the girls take the guys out. Let's. Start this summer so he had some Jack yeah. That's outside so it isn't as bright guy got ahead and assert that he believed it just fell roll man solemn role than failed to the end gonna give me a free dinner. Here on American and I sure gonna doc thanks for colony Aaron Ellison will mark on can notion good morning sweet is there you Ford against the. I'm I'm for it actually came alone. Growing up my dad actually see it being angled the intimate partners like a little card they'll look at me it's more like a family. I'll start that childhoods so long got to carry tradition. Yeah and it makes me think of like my dad apartment it's still like celebrate it would. NetSuite. That's when I was sweetest day long standing on this and they show on Skype or one person it's all about. Usually isn't one person it's always the third Saturday in October now I'd rather it like back from a third Saturday and I'm gonna take your man up for sweetest and that's what it's far right counseling personal I don't know. Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.