Summerfest With Sarah Smith Pancheri

Thursday, June 21st

Can you believe we're less than a week away from Summerfest!? Friend of the show Sarah Smith Pancheri joined Riggs & Alley in the studio to discuss ALL the awesome stuff happening at The Big Gig.

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. Plus three point seven kiss FM cloudy today and it in the sixties pricey some rain later isn't there can't get it together now what can get the money it's just get together. All over the place about. When your mom next week for some are fast. Yeah I camera or the week before summer as we go I can't leave the G your yeah. Well. Generally it's here nervous Sarah Smith and Carrie who's from some professors yeah. And I Sarah Sarah go way back we zoom way that is a highway that they. A lot of straight hole. Does get hammered a water street guess your. Let me reasoning I meet until this last time she was Cyril tell again this is what I remember about Sereno that people put like impressions on you yeah mama. Well to hang out at me and my dad might have been 2728. Paul. I just think indoor and she sews she came and analysis of the bar and brought me a card and a pair of earrings and I still. Yeah nice stuff I was. So thoughtful well. Always remain that she was written very thoughtful like apple now both have children you know. Mel hearings of the based luxury we can possibly that. The Cerro what are you what are you in charge of its impressed with what's your responsibility. So our team manages our sales and Omar Al can't know everything from the social media two with a sell sponsorships that's what we do an assailant and a group that great great people but Mina. The team us professes love not to stand here and lots of time this dedication so again we'll. Did you try to block. Anyone trying to look this year that you couldn't get that you really really wanted to discuss they were like not available to expense I think you named artists. You we we try and tried. Probably are you trying for next year and I'm still trying for Eminem is it's still chemicals and it wishlists absolutely I think. Evidently won't play series too much mud dear what is that thing right it we just have those eleven days so that's a chilly tough as we. An islet is that anyone you could throw out I mean we can do like givens the great for. I'm known aliases. I accept it and we've tried to get so. Well we but that's Edwards super excited about the plan I mean everybody from Marseille to cash. And as the weekend. Yeah and then when I and I. How happy you auto week you're showing your nothing greats arms like that's a credit concert I'm so many hits with so much of the weekend unless you have casts Sally announced it is still available for the week and show you gotta get those and big boys opening form to play in his obsessed single so hot area. President and I love it is evident and so passionate and satellite vistas were really senate plan something. We've we've heard one of the best ever so coming on yes and only now completely renovated the north and the grounds to hand tell us about this huh. Cellular connection stage yeah. And tomorrow is the first show with deploy all right take his doses up to kick off party does the party before the party. I see several years ago we see is fun for him at women Miller allegedly Asus was we do well. I her mom but I mean typical. It was a huge. Game. Whose artists and so the fact that he's going to be here. It'd be in Milwaukee for eighth for reed show and yeah completely free it's it's going to be great and US sailors and a great job. They brought the deploy here but the stage is just gorgeous and it's completely renovated area. New bars which you know. Right yeah. I can't bonds. Notes charging stations as we know we need we need lots of power and charge a plumber doesn't disclose. We've even more charging him it's not that there's a catty lately because I know it's it's incredible action urging that he openly accuses us I had an asset I don't know I'm. I'm. As always and catalog now. Like music itself avenue north gave way I did well it's free to close for him anyone can show up tomorrow night's dipped lower and his job now. A summer and that's that's our staff is now doesn't it we reached capacity also delegates but you know let's let's let's get there before you were an icon and a mom on the committee hearing and he is he's a huge huge art he is that a lot of media and too little marshmallows going to be. Alone so loses Ohio or. Toes jets it's really mean about it entices us it got that we've got on the other hand you've got everything from Steven Tyler made any him. Steven Tyler just Raton in Latin. He's on and on is really it's includes my eyes that's what would you say who you said it is CF freezes on the consumer news I'm only saying I don't know hustled that you can say when you is that what you like and people say everything in my turn I got it. You accurate it's the app is Anderson I what do you how does that help me minds about it 'cause or Wi-Fi cell I. Katzmaier avatar might play in the building but you need it like commit sick I know fantastic you can take you can discover new music you can pick your favorite till a team announcement to build your own your own scheduling and I don't know what's your cap. I love the guy on the app on the plane in my entire trip home that triggered soul still could get a tremendous. That's like now given saturates. You're in Libya so Allegheny Delaware that stands on rookie year is not now know what I'm doing good. Yes severe map I got. He's Arafat I hate figure for. What's it does both unions that what you're out and talk limited favorite news food's coming out because it's always give this summer fest we saw the big treaty for the food in fact I know is and it's. Yeah on everything from begin below the hell is gonna it's gonna kind. And Clemens when president is my position and it's fun it's exciting sauces and beer garden. Yeah upcoming sentencing I'm not going to see that on Tuesday months ago and I sincerely am. So they get to tape him acoustic music a lot of local artists coming together did you just has also personally as a sausage race there he. And it's really sad is it here we got some pitches barbecue sauce we got summer fest pop socket tells us. Does and this okay so rose elective thing now staff and EU Brad in a bottle of this Kristen rose hard cider were you get this is the fast. You know it's a draft Israeli women. I don't think that's I know she will get the hell of veterans day out there and Arnold Palmer and I there's dollar all current hot. Caller yeah CNN says booze and that he was an amateur you're gonna horizon. Democrats and what does this one on ITA non prosecution and an autopsy should there are yeah yeah that is delicious astray and Arnold and it's did this year were still very excited yes it's that in your service Tumblr summer fest kicks off next Wednesday act out happy Henry Ed Henry Meyer festival grounds data feed it to destroy all of them including the weekend show which is going to be amazingly big boy get only take it for some offense it's summer fest dot com Sarah Smith and Kerry think he's an. John Nash can't wait for summer fest again consulates. And it's lemon it's gone like I. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.