Sporting Events Stories

Friday, January 6th

Everyone has seen or done something crazy at a Sporting Event. What was your moment?


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This is a three. Sally rewind some interesting things you see the ball game Florida the football game the Packers are playing this weekend. What would you to the aggregate mavericks. Well Alley I'll tell you know that it does November 6 time this year for the Packers are playing the colts. And I had tickets and had bought them months ahead because I was very excited. Because I live in Wisconsin love the Packers but I'm also from Indiana and the colts my home team so excited I get up there and would drink and lose then. I'm wondering turns in the four interns and a five Beers in the cold start winning and I'm just losing my mind and that was like the power the colts beat the Packers but that was going I. Isn't supposed to be happening so of course I keep drinking. But the flip a look at the celebrating her yes. Very drunk at this point at Lambeau get to like the fourth quarter and I go to use the bathroom and there's a huge line for the bathroom because nobody's interest in the game anymore because the Packers are now losing. President after time anyway I'm pretty happy waiting in line ahead if he backs that was holding it in watching the game I didn't want to miss a minute. And then MCI waiting on I don't SMU and then. This is getting a lot of waiting holding my hand in my hands like I have to go sold in holding your songs I. I'd like you're doing your Geiger next please don't come off and why don't you you keep praying. Don't hold the latter is so long it's a muscle. Just I just releases and stop big rigs like I believe. It's always bad because I get out to the door there's still two guys in front of me like I guess I can make it I'm not gonna make it there's no way that I can make time. I don't think you'll want to corner and then I start filling in it happens a mad tonight she's my guess right there and I don't see he'd be his parents and I failed in line and light the match. Good idea. Just warm and then them and then just all of a definite win and finish and I am not a the thing yourself off of course it did yes I did you know as well as you can clean yourself off what pants full of PP. And as you can assign many like tailgating stories you've how do you pay your pants. Miller Park it's just avoiding immediate sell that story in the parent teacher for meth I love it. Relations he did fans. Eagles and got good morning kiss FM AME out random tell Gator sporting story have to share. I had your opinion Kevin Riggs king is canceling about it but so you know I thought. Went medicine or flat feet and my battered and yes. And afterwards. What bar hopping yeah and then I thought producer given finale making else. Yeah I just. Following that how good news at my girlfriend and smooth and this dinner of Burton. And I did not. I suspect he's the whole thing with our bear witness that perhaps it didn't happen here I don't follow that what is your name's Aaron that's from the army dot. Nico thank you lead billiard dead man and that's why yeah. That the Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.