Snow Day Stuff

Tuesday, January 23rd

Remember getting Snow Days off from school? Oh those were the days!!!


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Rigs and Ali rewind if you that our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash just walking is a whole slew of closings are like seventy plus closings inflation down. I'll meet you ask him my kids were in school on a might get a school like I forget they actually they call you when you value now. I don't we hear it and he did anything to you now know but like they play good they even on call people now I haven't really got an automated call. Everybody would do if they can't why don't you use pre idols for the code for our foolish. I really believe what I always call her the secrets no standard code word a snowflake. What was your like go to FaceBook but I mean obviously the I would get something most parents would get an email or phone call analyses to live with his game changing does that what they do now that's what I guess. It's got to be the best thing ever and I guess automated call hole. I remember sitting up watching the after interview Berliner is definitely in school today watching the TV station just waiting for my school the flash for Danielle. Thank you to see is the yeah. On. That cheese here it comes ovals and that's not their what are your. Every time. I Democrat on NASA's latest mission highlights. Pleasure to get regular enough medical Laurie island didn't leave town of small things like one closing your eyes boring you know what nobody knew exactly what's. I. Solidly we're talking about a sudden if parents and kids caught on our don't have school we do if your parent have to go to work do you take an elf yeah. Did you passionate people who don't have kids to college they can watch him like I am player. Sadr. Or rally your kids rejoicing for a snow day you're like not damage the MI mama at the taken my grandparents' house apparently wants its gas and parents write love that they got Saturday and now some parents right here at Kensington present phase of more than likely go back to bed sheet. How could you sell out. Okay more than once you've got up too early to know who's who was awesome now he's got a result the majority of another way the light a you are critical to say coming hasn't just as was walking out the door was a waitress and a a lot of tickets. Good day whatever it might this policy are actually now thinking like the worlds of this moment. I'm not welcome Riggs and Elliott for exit LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.