Should Riggs Dress Up For Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 22nd

Riggs' cousin is trying to make his entire family dress to the 9s for Thanksgiving. Should he do it? Is this something you and your family do?!


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This is a week's finale rewind is one of three point seven kiss FM rigs and Allie so the holidays threat around the corner Thanksgiving tomorrow. Couple weeks ago my aunt sent us an email about getting together the whole family for Thanksgiving Darren is a lot of people like to do obviously. Tell. Do you go to my aunt's house some woods. Peoria Illinois area yet if nothing really around kind of off the beaten path. That would get were supply all from the C now from our cousin Megan says hey guys if you're OK with that we should all dressed nice. It's great to weed DK get to be together on Thanksgiving and it only comes around one day of the year all get the rest of our lives to Wear sweatpants. Feel free Wear leggings with a nice letter. You don't have to go all out fancy dresses in tights can't wait to see everyone. Megan. Like we've never. Ever ever dressed up for Thanksgiving. We don't just roll up in pajamas. It. At that like slobs but would you know a T shirt and jeans is fine comfortable right throughout Miller Miller's up. What do you think what this 7991037. As a normal thing just never Thanksgiving thing. I'm not good morning mega. Eric harbor darn good you know my cousin agonize in all I'm not. As my cousin Megan sentencing now joins us on the dress up for Thanksgiving. I'm not an actor Kevin Reagan would you. I think they eat that at Jakarta and right like per actor I think that this could be your narration. Trying to teach. Change something a little you know all you need to. Caller have a camera that was secretary because we don't call a next generation right. Dexter have a conversation but I think she's trying to spoon who try this generation. Maybe make it a little different which you probably have a good resettle right. You that you are strong cold down deep right K picture at Thanksgiving every year means that. We always try to but there's always like three people that don't show statistical and Israel and at this the everybody shows now this career and income that are going to be there demands are. Were you change your quote. There are preparing for whatever you're gonna do but bring you can post a walk outside that's an ideal but it's just. Just he what's the generational idea is about in my generation we're changing the app. Sodium that my ask aunt and uncle served. As long as that out unite here. Roll with the changes. I love sodium by the time I had six Christmas rolls around I want hypertension seriously yeah. Very dark all right take your comment and thank you ordered immunity had a Thanksgiving hates air rank and OSHA my cousin once is on the dress up for Thanksgiving. But he thinks. I never got the big in the middle my house. And literally where it can't be called if I look at that I get I can't call him or. Well I think maybe if you're going to act. I'd say. I put cold and I can't but every week with my house but he just like because well. Effort on us and our. You like then golden must sayers out backstage Al Sadr and number one China that it that this is the State's air thanks your column this morning John Hancock there. All right dearly and I'll be off to address of the Thanksgiving at our house. I think it could very controlling growth I would I would check her on mat and contact her and say what's been keeping it dutrow apparently picks her own. They don't let it may pick a color coordinate rather than dictate these dial of quote NB. You know it's your day job Freddie you want become involved and maybe maybe you should challenge her and they looked into it acceptable to work athlete sure. Actually easier yeah that's a fifth of the day came I yoga pants it's the. Well they're good they're output at a joggers fall into the category by Lisa I don't know that they may have kind of controlling you know I. That's the best they came off any amount that's why I was like back to my mountain. Opera the color coordination being good that's a lot easier to do my wife Shelley did that you know Dubai ports in curbing them are apparently you and everybody what to Wear purple and white. The court featured some more buttoned down whatever bit. Otherwise otherwise you know and jock strap. It's yeah. Jackson you have got traditional Thanksgiving is our. On the nominee. Recorded dark. And and acetylene Wendy givens it is a dream she says he'll freeware leggings with a nice letter and AdAware leggings with a work in my wife's leggings and an eight tacky Christmas letter. And you will bring you that it's a picture of Jesus and Santa Claus with our arms around each other drink and eggnog pictures or didn't happen I don't have the privacy of our. RI tomorrow Thanksgiving happened Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.