Saint Nick's Day Is Weird

Wednesday, December 6th

Riggs, Alley and Gibbons had never heard of Saint Nick's Day before moving to Wisconsin, but apparently it's a big deal around here. How do you celebrate?


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And now they re wines. Those singing days apparently saying. Yeah well you screwed up you told me was today and I thought I could get funding denies it then now I getting today and lane I follow in the last night which means my kids look up. I didn't miss Ellie. I don't care act like you Google say next day says Wednesday December 16 nice sending it but they wake up and take knicks stay in their stuff deal think Christmas Day I don't press us out today and had. Had either coal or. Diana or twigs in their issues the sources because usually your shoes that I remember a holiday in my mind this lawyer kids of crap we can't afford my. Had no idea the slipping seriously Katy Perry it's ridiculous contradict the IB per. Just the other night when a big girls in the sweet blues violate eight or nine years old was talking about saint Nick's become a moment with the insignia I don't know I did ask my question. And for people to celebrate saint nick state if you get something bad I also want to thank you yeah 7991037. If you get Kohler twigs and your shoe you'll have an Al. Does that mean you'd arm can you switch it around and I like pop up make a comeback with Santa and we will bring you stuff on Christmas just tell you something yes please we. All. Are naughty including our children yeah yeah still get them that's teachers enough saying no we use anti and saint nick threatened. Jeff did so gets presents on Christmas. Ads. And dig into in my day at all the. I think Santa probably didn't ceemea accidentally. Or the other day yeah I. Accidentally on purpose I'm just saying we're I don't think he should feel like daddy Kensington I think last night though I'm. Hi I'm Matt in nor should you blame me for telling him at today's. Way to deflect. Slightly light. I just I got nothing for my kids and then Atlanta is and celebrate than ever before I even heard until I moved to Wisconsin. A day and then everyone's like did you something else for you give them like you we know saint nick never sing opera my kids. No I didn't say now he may be. Always hold on somebody calling us right now eats the. The. Here is talking about it now both. My god it's him. How does not speaks out here and cool I didn't hear you senate and then. Bike. Yeah of course had a I think Shillue. That might agree might be a bit rusty it's all right a meant to remember. Six you really enjoy it. On the ground but remain as through I love the senate bill. Are each and every taste yeah good good for the best piece. Yes I am excited to keep you'll call because my. Have children being that you read a bit of football team. Having to be very nice. To. Mommy Alley great. I've had to torture coordinate what Mike golden rule alone and really all. Tricks too much behavior says he's got a great show that you competed could child and I'd do you. And so to me that you can be very weird pretty big torrent we usual shots. You that you speak to all of eyebrows and we get from now on will. Two yeah the it was just nice tall are you still managed to do well to try and keep busy preparing for Chris gave myself. Hang up my shot up a guy now that's that's on me absent so I don't they kick. We literally got up on the kids. Schools also see after it's called message from Santa didn't say the name and age it's GDC news message sure Santa. Can see that I can call you generate I'm OK well I'll be nice to mom's from now on I don't know how I'm. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.