Riggs - Why'd He Trash The Gift Card?!

Tuesday, April 24th

Why the hell would Riggs throw away a VERY valuable gift card? Because, well, nothing is free!! Get the full story.


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. So you only get those offers in the mail sometimes you guys. The junk mail I never goes through your mail finally let. I don't get mad that I was like what the crowd about one who I'm not the only one I thought anyone check there really. Everything got my employee yeah I check my mail. I have I guess you did again today opened up and it's had a 250 delegates to begin to something called blade at home and I was like cool tournament. He lives what Kenny is what is ball ain't what is this is a problem trying to get from American Express how I'm gonna card member since like 2001 yes so does that hey thanks for being a member here's a used to syndicate for 250 dollars to blade. Blade is like Bloomberg for helicopters. Yeah you get avoiding jury. What it's what he gets the gets any illegal autumn like new York and Los Angeles invidious like. 500 dollars for one trip fun out. Gift card it's really eight coupon and yeah all happy holiday gift card. I really his head and like the cheapest I can get I would have to go to. We knew we to Manhattan and slide the Hamptons for 500 dollars on this thing yeah Demetris if you don't get guards on behalf price. I mean everywhere I go and Hamptons do you guys have a place to letting you know but rather as the New York City do you sit there really a visit that they're with that they. Kind of people to use this and I'm looking up information and as bullet totally into like Bethany Frankel would you assess the AM minus that's all it easier to go from like this easy to retake Al trapped are going to mum talks this weekend. They're sharp for four hours like regular people aren't gonna but I got a helicopter are they rationalize it they said all right you can take a bike. From downtown New York to JFK airport for 95 minutes you can take your car for a 105 minutes before. A blade helicopter with five minutes and a 190 ceiling. Yeah the funniest part is my dad. So much money but he would read the bike. Afford that approach when she went yeah that's why I'll ID five minutes out his lead early hope I got early in my parents' health plans so well for the retirement and maybe we'll take four buses severe Porsche. It over like. Me but did you attempt at humor black. Governor replied well I just I'm sorry they needed her really get what you want it again I can fish it out of the trash you guys didn't hit it to Cuba on our. I'm for and it is in Manassas. Sit down and I don't I don't ever use blade they stuck I'm garbage. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.