Riggs - Which Celeb Responded To Him On Twitter?!

Tuesday, July 17th

Riggs was asked if he, Alley and Gibbons would be out at the State Fair and you won't believe which KISS artist responded to him! Is there now a chance that Riggs might end up on the stage with them!?

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Rigs and Ellie rewind the scene is going to be at the station and this year TL somebody asked him free on camera you'll see because I've never seen them perform and I tasty right. Ice gold grade eighth summaries and it's a tweet. They sent one to me and send it back rigs will you an Alley BS the Booth should state fair this year would love to stop and say hi our friend Alex tweeting this. Less in that respondent said. I know that Alley givens a nine will be at the official TLC show on 810 days or anything else really LC IBM. Not thinking anything else oh and enter that into the universe. And I get a response from the field CLC responds I mean how Whaley TLC responded yes at all right there's an additional verified TLC. And so they respond. When they sit eighth what do they say Alley they said the UST where and that's Superman shirt and let Twitter profile picture. All you wearing a knives Superman church. From when I hosted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation gala to new Superman anything that I had so they want anywhere that I guess I don't see about that Shelly did you know me. Saturday what do girls did huge we raiser at 78 years to actually rigs we need it yeah. They're like hi how. I'm miles. You know this polling guy up onstage and healing the little thing with some of them like screaming guy up and dance like Iran they're not good Aussie media response I was doodling pictures of their show. Do you that I am wondering if they'll do it with reducing the debt by between then again they would do I don't want to be the overly creepy guy here's what I know and pulled up on stage the she did it was some random morning guy and some random like Kansas market on hold up Allie my house regional wing man mr. Riggs got yes you read like ass when I. Did a middleman or middleman and don't ask stage rigs. I know she well Rick it's really doesn't go on days that he's so funny he gets to the book on stage for surely they needed a relegated. How mentally so Alley he responded that I'm at a loss. Sixty by the Shelly got census I read. Tell chili at a crush on her and I still please don't tell him that she was a big and I are shipping and I have actually buys. I know she was absentee not the biggest crush on T bosh general populous yet mom hair before it was cool before I was just asked a yes or. Tennessee is so yeah. And of course last I donated to Susan. I think TLC will be at the state fair August 10 yeah and maybe an on stage of them valid only managed to Shanghai you totally can't tell you up Derek. Earlier they all like I dig yourself a relatively little white how the story and write teach somebody got arrested last year at the fair you know what I'm saying. And darting. Maybe this will be you're getting arrested this year to snare you know how they got a great team like let's write down on rap sheets are Christians aren't sorry to start another artist. Again so I don't. I complained about three point 7%. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.