Riggs - What's Your Name Again?!

Thursday, July 19th

Riggs was recently called by his government name at a show and had no idea there was someone looking for him. Who's Andy anyway?!

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This is a week's finale free wine and as an island dia ice cube show yeah I pretty awesome show all right this is one. Dead there raved downtown they have this cold beer garden set up now like their whole front parking lot is like a beer garden it was Saturday night in Africa was the Saturday at the trying to written this it's not a -- more for some reason I had at all roped off and there were tables since we aren't so lucky and very fast as I'm walking in I go into the sides of this little beer garden area and I hear someone yell hey Andy from across the way like from the other side of the parking lot here hey Andy my real name is Andy it's I think it's somebody yelling at me right now. For somebody yelling at somebody else named Annie because I'm confused as a group of people I can't tell who exactly is yelling at me. Some looking back and forth their Andy it's safe don't walk away from me don't you walk away from me and I was like OK this guy clearly knows venomous and so I walk up and approach the guy. It's somebody that met many many many times that works at the range yeah that I just didn't recognize from a distance and I thought it was I was very confused. And now I have to go on and as awkward situation when I don't remember his name facilities in something go get it at all or did not issue that's what I tried to do what it was very clear at that point that I didn't recognize him so I was just making it worse sense tell me when it's a horrible horribly awkward situation so impossible and the guy goes seven seas get and still ahead. How risky remedy the situation the guy candy what's up Kenny can't candy comfort me goes. It's a blue ridge students. And ideals what do you mean he goes. I yelled his name in the beer garden and he just looked at me made eye contact and then turn around what's opposite directions super told George Bernard cookie lately now. Apparently he yelled your name your brilliant Andy and I write things as you why I was way here he walked toward the when he LG I am sure who was yelling yeah. That was an easy target to meet you know we. I had contact for a solid second to return to run the other direction. Talking and he materials that she is talking to me why so I look up to rigs and I'm like two pretty big you don't remember Kent you don't know okay. He hasn't given 101000 dollar. We have we always seemingly every child. Even forgot they could write yeah. Every now. Allen gets I know he's very obvious they don't even know I love I know him I've met him before but it is some reason that moment and didn't even remember him and it was just I just can't did you McAleese. To get patched things up with Kenny now I don't think our guys that are now hum man that's not could you leave Yemen on could you lately. I mean I can't I mean you're not cooking your why now why did this austere and on the air what do you think about myself I don't know I don't know if you're depressed Arnold you're going to some that aren't you're stressed out because you've had 9000 things happen in your life but I know the right irritable. I know they cheer you wanna argue or not you're old you don't think I don't aren't really concerned about Michelle that's not funny. I can make a joke it raises is annoyed by you can now he's your dad that eases either hates me or hate the world that it might just be me actually think is the world. Right now it could legally yeah you just me or not so good I try to joke would you and you just like her it's not what you are audible edgy I can't explain. I'm managing I'm not durable he's. It's tough but I would figure it's yeah I'd really happy with the daily checks are over analyse the different religious duty I don't know. I danced and I OSCON open the word yeah. That and we are really odd that look not recognizing people and events now. It just isn't my mind you know altogether when it as a whole has not recognizing some walk away that is if you're just different. What if it's a midlife crisis. I think it's a midlife crisis are you okay we're here for you we don't you finally got very finest I'm concerned but are you generally think I'm sure I'm sure of course I'm sure. Okay there's something wrong with me I would know in recent announcement we now that's not true yeah we got Texas at 137 and maybe shed some light. Why (%expletive) because rigs isn't shrinking that is a little nerve pain. Okay and. We are mainly today's ninety days by the way sober with the summer summer I haven't drank in ninety days not just gunman comes great address. The jury here eight or nine feet I don't need to train to calm me down I'm fine as it is some fun with my cousins and I appreciate you asking that was it's good it is good to ask people if they aren't yet you say your son in sound. And I am looking so does that mean he's been announcer less. I'm sad I'm glad your nails into. Right he's yeah. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.