Riggs - Weird Sick Tracker

Thursday, March 22nd

From the continued series titled "Riggs Is A Weirdo" Collection: today we learned that Riggs has made detailed notes of every time he's gotten sick over the past 6 years. So we must ask: weird or na?


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Kelly re like you know Casey mr. the first time in eighty what are you guys tell me the last time he got sick what was the last time you were sick might. Action or yeah leave it all makes it a kid. Right case. It is an Alaska or two ago until the last five times you were sick now know. I Connecticut derail the best plays well the last time I was sick and why. I keep trying and not get sick I I don't wanna keep track of when I get sick because it was bother me along time ago I thought it was allergy related TV keep track I have a six tracker my phone it's a note that a key you have a note of when you're cents a share on track to get him here for ya dig up the cystic tractor. And it kept it to you. 2012 times this somebody said yesterday they had colds everyday and they know I had Michael van assessed fourteen days nearly putted a fourteen days and because they keep track of what I'm sick at Riggs has them. Pipe down get themselves and their. Hello he wrote in a solid guy had but I got. Stick on September 282012. Yeah I probably allergy related hero demand video wrote. Ticket get around February 27 2013. Yeah a year later and bloody nose cough. Do this Riggs writes and has thrown in his notes mystic tracker didn't throw clearing thing may thirteenth 2015. Half. You should definitely do I know you're that tired later. Did you race sinus infection and jock but that's the pick on January 23 of February 5 28 T yeah I like to know you. You are we nerd I. Your second look at doctor you know thank my own smell medical chart that I go to my doctor for my medical chart I haven't asked all morning right after what icicle there. And addressed doctors and did that track when you don't trust doctors to track your own now insinuated and all of CD that he won't address that doctors minter years and years of school. Toddler playing on my Alley way and I don't think they're still present and this liberty. Climate change. I went to the rest again. I started in September of twenty twice because I have vertigo I went to a doctor he said it sounds like a talent you relate innocent I don't think I have allergies needles will keep track of when you're sick senate you'll notice analogy related if it happens in like this bring the faulty data is huge that's ergo no would you keep track of what I'm sick because you're the doctor. Second and and that's six years ago you started you've had how many different phones in the six years get a sense because there's things to here's a partner Michael Whiteman locket if it's been two years like obviously there's no. There's no pattern of incidents and since you've been six are we wasting your time I just kept doing it. At a fourth yeah. Additionally just heard there are similar to this and that weird a limited edition don't make anymore me. There's a lesson in America argue with. I resign Dahlia that's right and I have a specific point about this year purchase SM a morning. I am lap are hired an outfit that tracks you. So I can't render it inactive. Love that we hear oral B card I don't like act Erica. Because it's expected. I'm honored potent out like. All of our goal woman right there you haven't topic but he's had like you or ally. Exactly I don't wanna go to my doctor from its all the woman around I can tell myself that not that's right it's all right diet. I have a lot like. Yeah. And you know he's I know because of the place or anything that's deserves it he's not going to the control. On the control for guys yeah that's the only doctors white men don't like doctors can anybody tell them what to do. Hey don't doctors do listen to a better and smarter than you for want to roll. Second and that's why we're so whiny babies Melissa says that's. You know my mental declared a world and what's your name. Alley baker Colin and Duncan and pass an hour breast fed regs that brings out her husband was moved to the man knows him soup cool turn of the film I don't think any homes shouldn't assume. Like when years they were like I applied I comic isms and you'll be fine. Six tractor Hesse told you on weird too is justice Iceland say it is time. Originality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three settings you set them dot com.