Riggs - Unexpected Gift

Tuesday, November 21st

Riggs' wife was enamored with the mittens someone they met at a restaurant was wearing, so the lady gave Riggs' wife the mittens! What a great surprise!!!


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She missed it the first time. Now we re why. Why I went to Trenton new restaurant last week Gibbons okay. News called Alastair Aries some nice little time arrest trial from blue mound never been there before always wanted to go super good food. Had a fettuccine Alfredo outstanding dummy so afterwards we were sitting at the bar having a drink as you are want to do after you know percent of the bar when they must sit at a table anymore totally and we strike conversation with a nice couple next to us Nancy and her husband or boyfriend or friend and I'm sure my name is bear. He worked with Miller Lite the strike and have a conversation with them today and their pack up their things getting ready believed as we'd come as they were getting ready to leave some. She's putting on these missions that lady Nancy and my life goes all those missions are so cute. They're like he's white who she met in small music okay I see them and she hands and her life she does shore just wild and still warm and a woman goes. You can keep them. All you can keep them. This in random like nice really nice like woven mentions that she just gave to my wife and we relate. I don't know if you don't have to give us these staff right we have gloves and our own we're fine we don't need to go to his very insists and leaving us these militants. I don't understand why it seems really weird to me that a woman has randomly. Bestowed upon my wife her militants. Why would you do that. Just make any sense to me maybe should I don't every it was a nice gesture in court after a several like no you really don't have to are you sure you sure okay you shore. But you shore. Okay the four of them. She probably saw your wife's eyes light up as soon as she held the the mountains in her hand and as she was experiencing more and how much she licked and this lady was seen this year joining going. It's the holiday season I had very get any other men's huge yeah she was a humanitarian. A great American and even better. Person wiley and green it was just very odd thing to bestow upon somebody strange I have my mittens here I don't need them it was cold out tilt. But he got like destiny's woman Niedermayer and so she gave up her Winston my Herman's in my life now in a sitting in the backseat of Mike Tucker. Auditing. At all but that is and has even used them. There hasn't been cold enough for its. I still. Nicely random woman gave a smitten so we're not even using them I thought you rent talk about how your wife loves the men's and ideas and did get you know used on so why do you use them. That's elect our embassy there on the floor reasons he could be listening now and I know your favorite pair remittance she didn't lose that game away Nancy they miraculous things that answer your husband or boyfriend or whatever bear. It's the only guy there were crazy night yes thanks for the millions. When you wake up with a new tariff commitments we that wind is that a life when I myself have felt. And LA it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.