Riggs - Too Soon For Christmas Movies

Monday, November 20th

Riggs has a MAJOR issue. We haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet and his wife is already OBSESSED with Christmas movies! Oh, the horror!!!!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life one of three point seven kiss FM Briggs an Alley. Givens yeah the white sand and arguing quite a bit at home lately from Jesus what's going on a lot of arguing going on on the home front what's happening. Tell over Christmas my life and I just ruining Christmas what. Thought what what is she doing to ruin Christmas trades out. There are two channels right there's the Hallmark Channel there's hallmark movies and ministries. Both of which are showing Christmas movies already around the clock full time Chris Ellis Milan yet so we'll put you mentioned previously that your wife lives more the moment let's OMB's. Falls asleep to them I will wake up and they're still on TV yet I come home and she's watching them. This is happen again tomorrow in its commitments darling yesterday it's it sounds like the greatest experience of all tiger clearly flustered and I have no idea because. This so much Christmas music all or eight in so much Christmas movies already decided Thanksgiving yet. At least wait till Friday it was like month wait until the end of the week break she was watching these two weeks ago Paul America's weight to their encroaching way too much Christmas and like. Halloween almost Null and I told that we're watching Christmas movies from. When it comes to Christmas movies now when it comes to decorations got a little after Thanksgiving now comes after raging should probably wait till after buck. When it comes to Christmas movies November 1 is that the Christmas movie season minus. Same milk. Not all the same. Yesterday I come home from my event right no I live is in the middle of a terrible Christmas movie starring Lacey should there however I just thought. And somebody asked as Lacey she there's an all the Christmas movies right yeah all of that I would just like a poor man's version of Jennifer Love Hewitt they like to get Jennifer Love Hewitt knowing it lacy survey. Enough she'll work ethic I digress. I come into the middle of the movie which is that we have to finish this movie there's an hour left in this horrible film. So I had no idea what happened in the beginning I go let me guess. The guy is good wife died so now he has the sun and she and him used to date back in the day so now she's gonna try to woo him back that he get back together she's going to be a step mom they're gonna have a baking miracle cure him wonder of Christmas cheer they're gonna end up together she does. I would see how it ends. It's going to end wonderfully and perfectly everything's going to be fine in the and that's why I hate them as well to send mail and the same cheesy way all of them just because you are well versed on the plot lines of certain types movie all of them you're not okay. So you want to horror movie. Yes and you know that of the fifteen people they show in the first five make up fourteen of ever going to die yes and and one is going to be the hero yes they're all written the same time I got guys first that's well Laura Davies worked terrible would you stop watching a horror movie Adam and no no you wouldn't. No you wouldn't. You would not and you know it I hate you for shooting holes in my logic so let's just you for shooting holes in my life you know it's going to be a happy ending but I also know there's gonna be so many twists and turns. My line and Oden or maybe you're gonna wanna laugh some I don't wanna cry and at the end you're gonna rejoice and happiness some. How the bitter disgruntled man hates Chris this is gonna end up loving and at the NS. At the end of that yeah yeah you don't what you. You are the bitter disgruntled may need to start loading Christmas really got to make it bearable for me was that I found a Chris Holler Christmas movie drinking game online lookup. And our friend shared Seles like a reference to dead relatives he's taken drink anytime someone this is a fake Christmas tree taken drink you finish your drink. When the cynic is filled with the Christmas spirit or if there's snow on Christmas you finish your drink. My guess you're drawn to forty plus minutes I know him and then the bonus is you take a shot if Candace Cameron to your air lacy seemed to show up. Every Christmas we'll meet you rob well I think that's still a way to make them tolerable Michael I and us a Christmas. Movie drinking game oh my god yeah. Crazy ass Christmas are immense and saying turn on the hallmark Tony you know mention I'm gonna. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.