Riggs - Tired Of Inept Doctors

Wednesday, November 1st

Riggs has had to endure what feels like countless trips to doctors' offices to get his wife's eye back to health and he's FED UP!!! Doctors can be dumb sometimes.


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Rigs and Ellie rewind just. It's an interesting experiences with doctors in the last month or so yes I ain't about me directly the people around me. How you haven't been an actor now I've been to the west teeple to doctors though yeah my life pending don't have something on with her eyes she had a cataract from the Delilah though she has diabetes and what I'm with that's. And won the first item is she had. I completely lost over an issue that you have with a nice if she ended up being referred to like all these other doctors cheat and proactively went to other doctors referring routes other doctors. But for first doctor would have told her the symptom of the what was happening right away in Rem refer parents say hey let's tennis and is someone else a Medialink and could have been easily resolved. I'm going to the process of seeing all these other doctors and in the first doctor initially couldn't. Communicate something to work with the calculate there was something issue something in her vision yeah. Is revealed after she had a cataract removed. So there's something in her field of vision that wasn't there that was there before but she couldn't see it because for Karen which had a removed. Then she could see a towel is just it was it was their before she couldn't see because of a camera and off for inviting. I know which is something in her eyes policies have on diabetic so it's gonna happen again after years yeah. Need to diabetics have problems and their eyes yeah. Things like that of the doctor are initially was to the operation that did can't recruit what is said this is maybe something you should disclose he let knowledge is about somebody does threatening Britain's new Britain and check out this analogy I made another weather right now to another player there's neuro ophthalmologist there's a yes your presidency was eSATA ran five all the five months we've been to so many doctors my life for this this first I doctor would have just said go see somebody that specialize in Britain isn't he would have been fine OK but this did you just goes he's someone and rad president was helped her why yes as they find new doctors afternoon doctors and we finally got to this retinal specialist who didn't looked at Orion send notices and that whole time there's nothing you can do you have to deal with this blockage in your vision is just like the little donut that she sees her high. I don't care before but if she just went to this person initially in the doctor would have preferred to a red and author of specialist. You know fine we have just so many different doctors back and forth and indeed in the U. I was at this hour rags I now. No RBIs usually get referred to pardon I guess but I guess that was the fact that he didn't refer anybody be at a club. Sorry your missions like CU any hair out with guys who said it was like come on dude. Jim refer to somebody gets they bullets trends ceiling and are trying to fix it. Just frustrating like five months of tubes back and forth but doctors really did stocks soaring high was sexist she has like a blockage in a Riley has to deal with that. She's about I mean she sees so that the G with their between their cat right before us now is much Karl. She gets you can see her. Here's what the blockage debates are the catalyst still somehow blocking and now but I can or the issue is he threw the little hole and statistics is really yeah. That's literally like the last five months back and forth the doctors tried actor after I now take your site for our critics so. Basically after five months what they told you was you're out a lot this idea to do little CU and a year no givens what they told us have just five months she was lists. The player I am right now you know yeah. Man played this song for us. Salinas and it's permanent damage is permanent. Besides I see he's learned its Internet. Learn to deal with that she's TM glass and help little little bit it's still. Did you my life and maybe or lost limbs and crap my hair has my family my dad's my panel my dad's idea to take care takes care of yourself yeah she is controlled things and I. Yeah our assets and our doctor journey of the last five months. Award fund with sergeant passengers go lower for hundreds if if if it has tag not a fun adventure about. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won 37 kiss FM dot com.