Riggs - Talking spouse into doing crazy things

Friday, April 22nd

Riggs' wife JUST MIGHT be as crazy as him... (LOVE is in the AIR)


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Yes finally talked my wife and doing another Scott F with me. Hunter to do and again ejected realize your wife has gone skydiving he has those boys are very. Almost two yes you don't do not even your third and we can break this date freak about skydiving again he's got to thank all the time now he went on nine times like last week the F. You're insane you Monday Jack all the tests in wind. Did I. I wish I can jump day yeah I've actually seen him as life. Gas Qaeda and Downey strides got to know until we get up there in the end the Easter Bunny hunt every care to these two engines on airplay and everything like that's tied to my kids to the Easter Bunny and I saw him in his wife's kinda just don't know when we went it was a jump but she was like okay. Yeah so I just thereafter again this weekend as answer when all they ever jailed in order to transcend nations and not another eggs must be nice discuss data management. Those moments I you know I understand why he toured together yes you see them do crazy stuff like that ghetto like go skydiving yeah. And I am I OK now you know you're gay couple as you go okay now I get it read like him I can't have let's go skydiving I feel like I tell him yourself I'm sure. And I'm right after the what about yourself autumn push play in this house. Best you anything a couple of days ago like I have to like your that's your passions I'm glad she got that witty and I am too you know I mean I ran up with an agenda freshly axiom down. Literally head over heels rushed just so our mothers and Intel I want. And I arrived with heels on mr. I don't Wear heels caught I. Could this really classy way to scan Aggies should begin and.