RIGGS - Special Olympics Wisconsin - Polar Plunge Interview

Friday, January 19th

Riggs speaks with Hailey Aderman of the Special Olympics and Athlete Jacob Nowak.  

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Well good morning and welcome the conversations what it is rigs from earnings and Alley and one of three point seven kiss FM I'm joined this morning Diane the Special Olympics Wisconsin folks who gets Haley. Adelman to Sarah yep I guess in the first try and you're the director of us special events. And also last Special Olympics athletes Jacob Nowak the morning guys so my morning thank you for coming on and coming up for the dragon on we appreciate it. Appreciate taken time making the trip and now that the purpose of today is of course the polar plunge which we have coming up this is different from the one it's unsanctioned that they do and down on New Year's Day Cutler was like three below. And as people it is crazy. It's not a sanction is this one which there's now I think what two or three different plunges now there is there in the more key areas so tell us about those hailing. There are three in this area content on there is the first one is February 3 on canal shut them at the bright spot for. A grand. On February 11 will be at the mosquito Connie part yes in February 25. We'll be at the marquee companies it yes that's it was a fun one can you got to pull events you know for his fund is doing a literal polar plunge. He doesn't let them I don't know fast. Hit it what have you done a polar plunge before this is our fourth here's your fortunate on the plunged AS now would tell people what is it like to do the polar plunges it really is that as people think it's not a it's called as close. Wasn't it is meant to be cold. You know I didn't of the pull a Clinton and archivists here there was a may and December of last year I was in an art again and I did a point plunge there's so I think that that in a data for you guys self. Mechanic counts as much hope of weapons at the past before how does this 14100 people get signed up for it how to people get involved hailing. Yeah while you just log onto our website a polar plunge W I dot org program and you can sign up as a team you can sign up as an individual. Or you can even sign up as a too chicken to plunge breed don't have to jump by eating self funder is our Special Olympics Wisconsin Alcan now I would that are you raising money for somebody just for Special Olympics in general. I gave the church registering as a chickens that makes sense yeah you'll register yourself and Clinton you can get credit and you can still earn incentives from Aston. I'm or if you really just on a log on you can donate to. Anyone that content nice if you know him before. I'm not actually plunged I've just been to them he got to do this this is your first years here I'll be punting and you know yeah I guess fantastic. This is the sixth year that and on the polar plunge some really have that he doesn't have me back thing not to brag but I really have fun doing to going down there and sing all the athletes. And Ali nice to you know the polar plunge isn't the only thing you do. But Jacob you're one of the athletes that we had is what he's your area of expertise as an athlete as leisure sports stories. Swimming science book and so like breaststroke backstroke back channel democratic strokes. Freestyle ardent. My first year of soaring I used to our panel. Don't iPad is brilliant and as area they used to call it the fastest dog travelers in his state yeah I really. Did you have they have that on paper somewhere that would be awesome title have fixed the census dot peddler in the state of Wisconsin. So my first year as I. Did not swim when I was younger and the husband was afraid a wider armed. I was at a bowling tournament and mine the song coach came up and set our saying is slam and I went up to them aren't the moment Dylan's wimp. She's like honey you'd don't slam it. Mom I'm doing swell idea how many units commanded a terrorist state wins both me and my brother where that is he'd do his sport egos to get out Frey yes. And if you don't like it you know it has to do that next year. So joining China and she's so whether that college is gonna drown her kids off the hook because. One hour. I actually made it's a statement first team but it does say your first year yeah insisted she got a gold medal. Did you win evidence like a high five that we can see it fat it's awesome. How many medals he won with Special Olympics now. It's hard to count you cannot let there's a lot that Manning yeah he's on anything besides swimming or is that like year one go to let's want to go to I do also do volley evolved. I especially when she was just must be this week and we're supposed not to state. I don't want suffer states and Asia and the like or cancel the snow shilling for state administration insists it was awesome it's really didn't work out too dense. And a so I'd that was this week and they get canceled. I do basketball which is now in session and a half. I'll we have determined January 28 apparent evidence and high school yes I arm and what else do we do. I do bowling for press just practice following all right. Com maximum ten pins here got to strike the gun just three strikes yes I actually I was late I was like. And we calling out present day program. But a day and I was playing we borrow points. And I just deed ever break as I got like I Turkey and one analyst or not I got in my it's my scar will wake Tucson staying people over 200 yes and I know. Doubled over 200 I'm lucky to crack a hundred. Clearly I'm terrible in bowling I am I'm I'm awful terrible. We're here with Jake given Haley pulled from the Special Olympics out Haley this is a new role for US Special Olympics Wisconsin what is year background prior to being with Special Olympics. Yeah I went to the universalist console across event on studied sport management and and had various internships and jobs within sports. Locally with the smokes and with the marquee box okay. And then I heard about this shot and it's a great fit for me and I'm really excited about it mellow schooled it's a great organizations one and I've worked with a lot and also my. Local celebrity man crush Vince the Tron now. And Latinos in Cinnaminson trying to. She hasn't been known. You read our fans this is kind of Vince is on the board for a board of directors I believe the for the Special Olympics which he's always a big part of it and I love working with him. And he raises a ton a money tree guys he always does. What are the other events that we do obviously the polar plunge every winter with a Special Olympics. And he as do various bowling tournaments there was one you did I think in December wasn't in November on the bowling tournament other is a state so our regional tournament Andrea. What was of one of the Valero has long ago remember that one. We used to when Jake and there was the EU the regional or the state it was excellent as analysts yes but he does deals in the over the edge of that coming back this year. Not this year and in that though we're gonna have our two new events in the marquee area Arnold caps. And a dance marathon a run with the cops yep how does that work is that to do it like commit a crime and run from the how. But he's it's just a five K that higher on elites are law enforcement. Help us and I and is needed time. Did a cup is that the similar as the woman cops and on top of the donut places it is it's the same group of people that alpha cell and grabs they'll be at Dunkin' Donuts in the summer here and. He can come help out but that typically do that is while they sit on the donut shops does that that's the Olympics dressed up kind of I was refusing it was something else. It's taken off oh boy this is going to be bad. So we're here again with Haley and Jake Abel from Special Olympics. Where have you traveled to Jacob has a Special Olympics athlete have you gone outside this date two feet onto other competitions. You know I have not try to out slides national team and how about for years ago and just did not make it let's all right is that something you can keep trying forty convention and make. Your guests. Does that mean you go on for yes try to make it elections last year I cut it tried to make it by. I push myself a little bit harder where it's gonna put the to a trend from Markey to us and I'd play it and pianist tired the next day right. Now what is the what are some of the funds goes toward so when people donate money to the Special Olympics. Maybe you can answer that Haley out where does that money go towards what is it goes to help support it which kind of activities specifically the you can think of. Yes all of job proceeds that come from our local events stay in the local area for athletes here and stay in the state yes and well we'll stay in the parking area a real well yeah a call luckier doing that the plunge at Milwaukee zoo and it'll benefit on the athletes in the market area. The event and that helped them. On have art tournaments that we put on with them right and. Practices. Hands just funding to get them into a show about women travel expenses and things like that the them to different places. Where do you how aware do you decide to have these events the end and a different schools forward you some of the games take place. I'm we have a lot of agency managers and throughout the marquee area right. And so they'll stay you know closer to those those regions like to have one. In Mac on the have a few more peace that is close to these athletes to go to. And they kind of plan their own practices and I am. Plan and transferred athletes and so there are huge part of our organization has no Special Olympics is a year round thing that you guys doing anything different now that this year we have the Winter Olympics. These guys account settings there is a big year for a Special Olympics the and a 5050 anniversary of fiftieth anniversary answer right. And so there's going to be a big events arm. Down in Chicago where one of the first. I'm Special Olympics took place railing yeah energy condos were the first one was the that's what it says and I answered most amazing fifty years you know in fifty years old Jacob none are the only city. Stefan after holidays by Noah 2525. Now either age restrictions on a Special Olympics athletes. I wonder that. No no no you consistent since idly veneer eats okay and then. Up until and every wanna stop and we did have early athletes as well rotations are even younger when they have different I'm sure brackets of groups he don't have somebody his forty taken on a seven year old Ernie year old. That would be fair when it. And thanks to prepare. We also drama in our tournaments we kind of base it and I'm libel of the year at athletic ability as well console. You know someone is super super good you're not gonna be playing against someone ranked. Is it yes uneven playing field which is nice as well. Is there any sort of training these guys do what you do a lot of practicing Jacob is an athlete ES salaam. Monday nights usually every Monday night we do practice for breast and felt and and then like you said earlier study showing his every Saturday. Yeah on snowshoes. Yes I own land services they have just got them I just got a new parent last Christmas it Billick I don't know where somebody visible and she is a woman ambling shoes you know actually do and a round ball in all I am going to you kill innocents get X amount alto PF and the people's feet I don't like that. You know if you know excited about the excessive. Wear with Haley injectable from the Special Olympics now again the dates for the polar plunge this year are. Will more time what were they against our area there it is again Alice how. February 11 is that mosquito right Tariq now and February 25 is at the marquis counties and the webs that one more time to get senate for those Ortiz to scan information. Polar lions W I N dot org. Some people Niemi have athletes obviously but there's a lot of volunteers that help make all of your events so amazing and fantastic how can somebody get involved with the process of becoming a volunteer for the Special Olympics and working with the guys and I. More regular basis yeah I'm if you log onto our web say it Special Olympics Wisconsin got Howard. Either the tab for volunteers and I'll give you all the information to become minds here with us on Thursday volunteers or. A class a volunteer. Where you are more directly involved with athletes and you can be become involved in coach Sheen Wrangler. Everything yeah. With the polar plunge this year what kind of arranges to have made fun like as far as the people that are going to be there I know we always have different people pitching in as far as the fire department. Who was all involved this year. And we have on the live bands soared TJ is averaged in a band in the NB lots of food and drinks on souvenirs. Everything that you can imagine. We have lots going on there. And we of course have a dive team and recline so their safety and a lot of our law enforcement is really involved as volunteers some threats at the buttons. Yeah now I remember. Doing it years ago at them McKinley marina. And they had tightened TDs a chainsaw to cut a big hole in the ice do we with Alan Jesse and that was. We have like three feet of ice yes they had to call us forest a team that's. Saying that replicates that that lumberjacks cable that normally cut down giant trees cutting through ice. What are some of the more creative teams he's seen and TV seemed like people always don't cost and it is polar plunges. What are some of the better ones you seen like some of them really creative cleansed or any of them stand out in your mind at all. They do you have one planned this year the you can talk about. Now I don't know you're not gonna have a cost him a Lackey customer anything. Candidates did go and went I had mosquito I'm. With the polar punch committee to help doctors are among the polar punch twenty grand and then at the zoo I am going in west north suburban. And it's very renews in nineteen the other partner to clinch an hour's notice that the polar clintons better deals less clothes on because then you have less to take off when he get out just freezing cold yes there's that you're close or stick contesting of the Golan in like full tailored suits like instant that when your sense that transcends wins he Johnson in a full suit like for for news news reading I think it was ready to go for camera. Annie jumped into the pool I was like dude you're ruining did suit. I think an appeal those clothes off your body. Do you have any tips or a pincer tricks for people that are gonna do the polar plunge. Just Wear as what Ford is fun for years and run up five years CF. I just Wear less clothes yeah arm. Weird Ted issues. Aren't especially at mosquito because it's not. Pond in sync to the bottom totally out right miscue going as I got in a pond correct yup what about the one and now what can OSHA. Canosa is house on a parent it is yup a cancer and in the end the one at the zoo is a pool that they actually bring in who brings the pool and you know hosts up here had. We do believe there are half price sonics it is a huge pull and they bring in this again like debate above ground poorly jumping to. Today I sit down and all I think going to be icing it down slightly older put water in the day before are okay and subtlety overnight so is this an overnight it's nice call they called. Race the court. Do any of them have a hot tubs when they get out to they still do that any of the locations. I know must deal have hot tubs. That's the best. In out of the cold water jumpers and hot tub and on talking about shaken him so fast price. So you mentioned later this year you've got to the top five K run what was the other thing you have coming to dance marathon what does it dance marathon how does that work. I'm this'll be our first year at Wisconsin's on the dance marathon. And while we're gonna do is just every hour there's going to be different prizes that you can win on Q did audiences led by a professionals so hence I am just have a good time bring Al friends and Kynan dance Adelaide where is that taking place asked. You don't have a location yeah I don't obligation now to Dino when this. The idea how can always an alert find all but that's gonna be clueless Alicia is nonstop dancing so people pledge for how long you can dance. Yet BI you funder is to participate and you know you should coming goalie simply asked if you want and we're now food and everything but cool you can definitely won prizes and everything if UTQ dance and don't be a fun event to go to. Are you didn't answer Jacobs now on the Haley union dancer I think after. I really think we all think we're getting answers. Fidel and it was done do or narrow and I can and drums and you think you can dance or something like that. As a gimmick here with Haley and Jacob from the Special Olympics the polar plunge coming up later and this year in February. And what are the dates again on those 3 February 3 in an arms out of the February 11 at the ski Elton. And every 25 at the marquis county's ill and one what's and the website people can go to polar plunge W I dot York cool anything SES and hit anything else that we're listen first again. They should be talking about any other eventually when applied. Any shout outs. The issue or speak now or forever hold your peace now with the settlement with the so we'll see you out there I'll be there hosting the one with the zeal on the 25 totally skipped. And Joaquin county zoo Special Olympics Wisconsin for the polar plunge. Think you guys for coming in Haley Jacob we love you both an elitist for Special Olympics I have again from the gold medals shaken freaking awesome man and thank you for tune in this one and conversations. Money was ranks from one of three point seven kiss FM have a great day.