Riggs - Seriously Obsessed With WHAT?!

Wednesday, May 16th

Riggs needs some help. He has a SERIOUS addiction. Like, he may need to seek treatment. Listen here to find out what he's addicted to.


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Makes an Alley re wind tunnel three point seven kiss FM regs an Alley and royal weddings this weekend outdoor record you don't hear all the yeah yeah. Are supporting Briggs never cares about celebrity gossip virtually every mean givens and given that did you hear about Jersey surely. Let's Jack and. Or read certain egos at the royal wedding. Did you pick him up without. I don't IRL. So we have finally what gets Briggs guy went with a celebrity gossip at the royal wedding not the royal wedding is it mega Michael's dad. Calls it soda or hot breeze I've never seen you know so many random facts about some random dude all the things that happen in LA and afford it now. I watch the crown because it's about the royal family it's fascinating it's factories in the haystack is that it's such a crowd is so good right. And he needed and now it's a very. Mike it's all the same stuff obsessed it that somebody would staged photographs and then take money like I'm fascinated as somebody's this jacked up on the right how ironic it really is incessant Alan stuff back a minute but that's neither here nor there on Friday those are some are currently dad passed the incest are now random horrible. She's lines. The modern family worse you know she's been divorced yeah her parents have issues like she is other modern girl a 100% and the fact they're letting her know him and Terry merry Megan Merkel when she's divorced is like a huge standing and easy. Got a family for marrying divorced people agenda that Quinn and assigns them documented just that Elizabeth at the top and look like a child and signs. Closing document Ford is that OK the carry out in a mayor's side. Also now Megan Marcos family like a once the air because hello it's a royal wedding so it yet your sister in years joy case. Also their like her brother shrank he's writing letters trying to get invited Shaq staged these pictures every. That amount they were shut him yesterday and Entertainment Tonight. Watch and it's fresh in my brain how much money did he make or 640000 dollars. And within a 140000 dollars for those and changed pictures of ad pretending to do while pretending to look at don't like wedding pictures on the Internet. I am like states like he was inside or not. Oh he's not going to get a heart attack it can't offered on the eyes and the guys it was measuring his single was that he may not I have measuring guy who went into Israel seems to always tell you for a cell phones still are. A jury yeah and away. Mark of dads shouldn't be allowed it. They're on the iron short stack you know short stack. Got to stay home from school for the first when he should've had a long. Like your AM yeah your mom what you stay home from school I'm not in a very passionate about the formula I I. I needed a moment in history you are sure to read here till today that's why fasting and I'll ask you and I Dan Gagnon I'm not gonna care tomorrow of the war itself now he's out of he's like yeah. Tonight's agenda now hang total bandwagon since. Bandwagon my butt. Clubs usually ensures that opportunity to all the air and I saw Jesus look for an invite to his wedding royal wedding viewing party just. Not telling us about you having a party this Saturday to the wedding you have to ask you we're gonna have team trumpet is going to be an. To protect what to schools say when your mom called Hewitt to watch the royal wedding since. And I'm dying to Howard I just like they don't mileage is and she's thin. I'm like glued to the TV is just so the tennis is siren call we're not sick or staying on the watch the royal wedding okay sure. I'm sure. Dennis south Ewing 0:4 AM in them in my house I mean he's hardy but I will be getting up at eight and watching everything I now. I love. You re want sure you have to its tradition of displaying ground. Thought this is what it did do what they get remarried. Yeah. Like she went to her. Are pretty sure zero mean we beat them for the royal divorce as well as. Now because really Charlie and remarried right and a cameo yeah yeah like he cheated on Diana west Aaron. Given the highest player I am a die aide and now he's with the chick he had the fairways which is Camille are right I love the rest my dogs in his Fergie after Ferguson. Shoulda stuck yeah you guys hear debate as it opens and is anybody concerned the fact that princess. Diana's former psychic. Pop pop pop doesn't think that may edit Mahan and Harry are gonna last. You know renteria got an action he thinks that mega market is just an a for the same gallery. And then break off she said that they don't look at each other like William and Kate do so. This is princess Diana's personal hold our former site and eight and five days I try to get her out because I think to hate and. Album and he'll group we short seconds you know the history. I think Kate and William are gonna stand the test of time for now because they were friends for sixteen errors you. They were frankly big day is lower than they were leaving you they are friends and school the fact that they knew each other all that is dear Lou. I think as a testament I had Diana still talks to her former psychic from the graves how. Entertainment Tonight last night still fresh in my eyes and I hadn't been for a particular. I don't know. Our speech lab assured sec oh get a deal wash railroad. I'm inclined. Fall or nothing finalized. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.