Riggs - Self-Checkout Is The Devil

Wednesday, June 20th

Riggs & Alley don't agree much, but when it comes to self-checkout they agree: IT SUCKS!

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An Alley relax. You know in case you missed it the first time and every point seven kiss FM it was created out of convenience and it turns into a freaking nightmare every single. And Ali a single. Time. Doing things that by creating self check outs at places like grocery stores and some bigger department stores have them somebody like them. Wal marts and targets of like to have them as what is it we agree on rigs wolf that they saw. Because you were talking about a situation where you had gone through wine and they aren't you just have. I don't have their day I was very upset because I had about. Carter Sri. I had to get kids I was I was running out of time I had to be either right noon it didn't care. So I raised over every line was hacked are only three lines open it was like noon so I thought you know what. I'm gonna go to the self check out because even if apple cart yet I would hate those people not. There's nowhere else to goal right now like there's still check I have thirty open ones just the regular check out pat I'm going to the self check out yes so I went over I started doing my stuff. And as I'm doing here. Every single. Item. Ask ask for assistance please he attended the ten and what did that come over at the re. Item for about 25 items I believe that should please don't leave I don't see no I'm just. I've got to the self check our had to wait for somebody they can come to Rivera liquor scanned because they've told me to go to usurp the self checkout to open and I say no thanks I'll wait they don't know it's easy as just know it's not easy enough. No I don't screw off and then all I can do a liquors gallon finds the money. I go and finds a way she comes over it now it's a wrong code she should go back and find out why Dakotas wrong for the final one that combined for my wife and I believe it here's how to what did you to bottle like. Pretty tricky this summer I. Gay exhibit please do you know what I did that I stories and lots and beaten stopped every item much. So check out got a line I'll nobody was there when I walked up et Al and everybody clearly. This one stared at me what my half a cart is I think in that would be kind of like you. Worse you're trying to check out to apply an item on only three in the back yeah. Little bagging area so you take your pull that off the putting your car. John we. You rack we have good news and can now take bags off the bat and it won't stop gap in the house they should subways shut up front. The only good thing about self check out the change with that you can now take bags off but it won't copy somebody told me they did that because there's such as this is why there's a slight variance in weights of like rodeos and everything that it does nothing has please play the united in the back it's already in the back it did. It happens I sweated my Diet Coke would yeah. About the and put it right yeah I car that's what did the collider would write you. It could happen all of it all well I get a gallon and that's hoping not gonna sit right here. I went 37 or 713 cent gas tax because that what you get to our blood boiling is the self check out again. Is it to stop me at every single. In the woman's that he felt like something about the way your standing yeah. Damn thing I don't like UN we're treating it there. There let's get everything is angry. At all of your life half when it's ET figure technology Downey and that's it. Mentioned the lady's voice and things kind of snooty as well. These familiar card shot. Right I tell me what do you. Let me believe that my freaking growth Turkey's so I wanted to holly from the groups of the Greg's so check out Disney's animal. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.