Riggs - Rules of Underage Drinking With Parents In Bars

Tuesday, August 14th

It's legal in Wisconsin to drink underage in bars...as long as you're with your parents and they approve. Riggs had never heard of the rule before moving here and the audience had quite the passionate response when asked if they agreed with the rule.

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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line. He doesn't have a law that applicant underage kid can have a drink it a bar of their with the parents and Wisconsin O yeah I never thought that I moved it seemed as. It is a law is on the books and I've talked to people who worked at bars about this I saw to that at some bar out and he said that it's like bartenders discretion. So you walk up with colon. And you say pace my site you're a kid I wanna get in the beer the bartender can say no I don't wanna do that they're perfectly within their legal rights to do contract what I want and know. He attacks to 7103747991037. You can call I wanna know if you took advantage of this if you were a kid. It's like a parent you're how old were you or your parents did this when you were younger or. If you were a bartender and you serve because I talked to a bartender that served in a rigorous and Wisconsin. Gary is there any particular bar and give you a jury never tell now that what's his. Not even now we try to do my parents like me and ask haven't we are asked the bartender that we were on my life and went to stacked downtown that we were talking to bartender Jana says his anybody redundancy said yes once this past year and pride fest. He served a seventeen year old kid. He was there this mom and he was like in a Superman Sunnis and it was all rain bowed out and she doesn't he'd heard them talking. Indicated like just come out it's always out celebrating with his mom and imam rolls in and she was like I wanna buy a shot from my Summers on upright. I highly doubt it was all right Sandra. And he's he was like that was the only thing I would do he does among comfortable giving a kid like a beer. Is that politics Indian drowns in a Neely you know I did I am a concept he should be asking me did you ever like four year did you ever see every afternoon high. Under eighty years old wise according to the owner of the bought the little touting our worked at a so yeah find. That we were to serve children right you could come in with your child but I would guess I was too serving 120 that's why. The owners roles and I said he bring you can and find that nobody ever asked me to serve their child because I would have been my top. Yeah exactly. I'm a kid to I don't doubt that told me this are you doing it in public so that's what I wanna know yet who's taken advantage of that underage question 7991037. But I'll take it makes. And they're eighty. Shot like that 1 guy said good morning Alisyn underage drinking. Did you taken advantage of her did you do it what happened. My prepared there are also. Does musician Eric. You live art all. And when I was seventeen OR eighteen to I would like. In all the time and I can't I earned a problem. Really so like you drink more adult your friends are lasts. I owe a lot yeah you get your knew or cared you crazy now on the good things she really just yeah. It all out right here are bite. Yeah yeah. And then it. You know little spot welfare. A hearing all types of and the director are. Yeah I just don't like it really is it ever got to the heart trouble right. So you were like getting hammered Hewitt is having a drink here or there yeah. I don't know whether it's very funny is that back here. Oh yeah. They were IGG a great life lesson. Did you soldier here I talked regularly deal with a hangover like adults who put the fact that Alison Colin and I. What does your program for their support for it. You and has the. All early shenanigans really insane and again our quarterbacks. This group of kids. Sure you like that. This is different now. I think you're going out for say listen this one great name by the way great name Jess. Kelly wasn't to the with a wide. All of the lions are you crazy Kelly Eric who Kelly. Arm. Cali where you edged would you were you allowed to drink underage in Wisconsin were younger. Actually I mean at great under the age change he let them I want the bartender and should. Com and usually I would say no and I expect it would like sixteen or seventeen much older. Oh I otherwise no. You never certainly like a freak teenager with a twelve year old sons. Are all home. Ladies and raised. In northern Wisconsin. We got to Texas 7137. This and I had my first beer when I was nine with my father in the dark and then we have one together every Friday night after night after we went bowling wow. So it 900 sold. Yeah that. No way to try to yeah what's your child and sat alcoholics I guess I can do would you his drink yeah. Right I would I can't like com on extreme core arm back. The crazy act. Actually I get why they're saying was once a week or mine but it the other part of me goes you can't find the needed it's not alcohol based on my friend and I we. Read any steps garner core Hollywood bowling the bowling decent distance. These flash wraps up as well when I was. Thanks for Colin Kelly really huge for us this morning on how many people are so many people are calling it. It's got there I know he'll have something to say about it. Legal underage drinking in Wisconsin this thing this is the thing. Actually Tony Diebler texting and saying I work as a bartender and I've had so many parents get angry at me and not to because every she's a server trial while square. Like that for multiple people think that usually that the parents stopped off like children and no tip because they try to order to cool drinks when I say no and we say no again now. This is ensure starting them out good morning I'm Nicole. He column about the underage drinking did you take advantage of this free drinking with your parents when you were younger or could be served someone underage. Both are okay. Well I mean I'm really speaking here who liquor out of her parents' liquor cabs. Then access my mom started at like making me and her friend Larry had been taking out. Chicken meat to the Byron airline up and and that that and I'm part banditry or at least urged people what they inherit their. How young legs 1617. Are only 1213 fourteen. Trip Serb Aaron yes ugly usually Broderick that thank you all at the gate they youngest I don't think ever that he's now. A. Sleep a little bit more control what are majoring in Q and I think it's the Trier here. Like my parents taught me to drink. At least. I mean I don't content well. Illinois saying this people like you lose your mind screwing. Rob would you like you're in saying did you hit his radio show this morning talking about underage drinking legal at Wisconsin and Colin somebody else sector didn't go that that they work at a local restaurant chain and they said that once a week people get mad at them and they won't serve their child Lindsay it's the law there was talk like people get mad and it's law wouldn't. They you have rights. All right it's also my discretion as a bartender at the owner of the restaurant just say no when you're trying to give you a car accident driving you're drunk ass I'll just suggests. Yeah trouble are. I felt. One sexism order 370 cracking up when I went up north I was ten with my Auckland that they rubber in the barn have a drink. But I didn't get hammered till I was fifty. Okay I'm Jessica good morning. Born were you drinking underage did you serves among underage. Yeah well he got. We got suspended and it's great having out loud click. My guy that is did you really. Re why did you did you know at the Malibu why is related. Why did it brought in water act like you know. But I mean even I'm from my supper club pattern of the world in response to sell like we've been drinking with Urquhart backed up on that. It yes Howell and why does not guide me any confidence or is she ready well we weren't supper club Ers with your parents always to do to supper club. I am from the area we're like we're and wreck you are. Event when does. I'll hang on our. I house Saturday thank you guys the 45 o'clock to take us downtown corridor and old fashioned I got CO. Also I've also been a bartender cute so I mean I haven't done anything like Brady but like I did art and it's our club where you know we worse. I mean I wouldn't say like at twelve year old book problem. How the church yes I jiggle it is a genius. Judging by how this all that order at eight. The apparent just be honest about a tennis history just for might shed. I think about it I went I went to college I would I'd like I was the mother all my friend of them drink in high school like. They were they chose was flopping. OK yeah I shall learn and it's my job now. You've got there yet we don't know what I had a good point we we human underage drinkers. Yeah actually at my parents us how self. Armed. I think. That's at ten team doesn't end so far that and let your talent yeah I during a sixteen without my parents and doesn't. I would go to the bar with that I mean we I don't article I drop from the bark and I didn't size. It. Average Staal went out and rallied younger we would go to arm gets they have couple that we call. When I turned like 1617. States but they haven't let me repair and that it. Kirk without risking anybody's goal they would be like okay defiant we're going what are you doing it we go I go to parties. It always had eaten early are aren't. Now 01 of us would like chocolate currently and that we would go out let's talk about ED. Temple news cameras into Israel Tony thanks for college has had yeah Dennis and these texted him a real shot at my uncle gave me my first beer when I was want. Oh that's bloody good throw probably welcome Gibbons and it was wrong color. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.