Riggs - No Straw For You

Tuesday, February 13th

Riggs was distraught when he was dissed after asking for a straw for his drink. Who doesn't carry straws?!?!


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Makes an Alley re wines. I was I was denied a simple request at a restaurant this past weekend and I was pretty taken back I had to put them very much floored by Nestle health and do well I was at a restaurant we'll call it lose invade you and good sandwiches yes he's deaf and and I ordered in Moscow meal. So naturally when you get a Moscow meal or any alcohol beverage what's the first thing you like to do as soon as you get it. Elected tickle some pop the top usually rent yeah idea register your drink clueless can mix it up. I need is kind of take their word for that it's been mixed properly I think I'll look I'll take a little strong reversals and I'll do the Topper I take by citrix the top has given that on them throughout the embargo thing is you can't do that without straw. And I so I asked for a stride no excuse me it doesn't look like it any kind of separately the ginger beer is on the bottom of the vodka and floated to the top and I get Estrada said. On a we embraced and a strong policy were doing that now an island of what's. I've heard in the news and read about it but I'd never editor restaurant that was actually doing the no straw initiative that says save the environment now because people early so many straws as we get there are huge waste obviously I mean it makes sense. But I was taken back because I genuinely wanted to straw needed one some extra my drink with a knife. Which is fine works just fine OK it was very odd to be in the actual situation where he had to go. No I'm sorry we don't have straws and like. Really struck us. Will I handful let's say of restaurants recently that won't bring you out water and less you ask for us to not waste water right in usually just sit there on the table nobody drinks at who won't put lettuce and tomato on your burger or less you ask Ford because it'll waste that. But the these plays is pretty green dealing they have to go containers that you pay I think the signature 25 cents for a half to go to him but it's not styrofoam. As I guess people were saying that in once they're full containers anymore because that's horrible for the environment while so I mean I embrace them be I'm not knocking on Minolta and stood to lose a London and they view. But it was just I was taken back to request distraught and had them say now they could we don't have groceries you you ask for the water they have the watering gives you wanted to if you won a straw they should provide to yourself. Think when you know maybe then like. They don't wanna watch you like a halt to make sure that you all programs try to think conflicts. Was very desirous yes Tennessee the Israelis say in Macklin of amid a delicious meal but no struck mr. magic so if you did it at a news and then you'll thing was amazing Neal like everything was great and the no complaints at all it was just like. Really mistrust what I really happens idea everywhere you go to get the puck couple strolls your punishing companies are bring in my own straw you want us. You're a genius sometimes. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.