Riggs - No More Gifts?!

Wednesday, November 22nd

Riggs is thinking about trying to start a new tradition with his family. NO GIFTS ON CHRISTMAS!! What?! Yup!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie realize how I propose something preposterous I think the evidence and then after thinking about it. The kind of came onboard no see if you had to OK she propose to getting rid of giving gifts at Christmas. Here. A dramatic music in the background drinks weren't. Used. You really think I might even remotely from getting him gives Chris Mets. Now line no no no no no no no. I thought the same thing okay we'll structure around brought me around was this I think about how much pressure is put on you when someone gives you gives the one expecting. If I walked in today SN given tissue gift Merry Christmas it was like a sixty dollar DS it was like something that was and clearly gone down thought about instant money on. If you didn't think about me. Doesn't mean you don't care about me but now you have this immense amount of guilt because I got you something that you weren't expecting okay. And I think that's terrible because it's not the meaning of the season. Not us not about giving yes they did it again did we get so commercialized and shop shop shop Black Friday Cyber Monday shop shop. Really no no no gifts no let me give you just do something nice with each other. And be thankful maybe do something for somebody less fortunate to doesn't can afford something but don't do gifts for people know guess I was like you know what. And kind of on board with that. There's no gives off the the kids yes but that is certain age Nomar gifts like I would still like after twenties his kids should get presents for sure just like the whole kid thing. This is actually a bit of a bone of contention when my family that I found out through a third party. That my family decided that we're not giving gifts between the cousins and the answer in the halls Woodward is upwards of like the young you know young kids I thought that was a Lotus. The switch when people who might form ten tis the season you put a twenty dollar cap on it and you go on you buy something did not twenty dollars times how many people. Job in my it ten people probably a guest to a box are upset but you go out you get. A little Knick knack something that means meaning it's not about the gift it's about the thought that goes into the gift was a. He's worn a box and again in the math trying to anyways. That's when 200 isn't going to ensure that they don't matter so well you know Matt good Burrell and a -- give birth and I was kind of for the not giving guests and it was like especially between us because I think we always by each other summit against which an Al gift to each other that's true and spending money just for things he don't really need is doing gifts for the sake of just giving. What didn't you guys stop doing give junior life for a Valentine's Day last year evident and it went well feeling great. So maybe maybe you start early baby steps Ted may be this year it's Jews joining your big vacation meals and you guys don't buy each other gifts when he's delay gets a for the family and then you'd be propose it maybe mid late in June he'll pay family we were talking about this maybe for Christmas and six months we. Don't machines gets his get together enjoying. This company that's on think and so you can't bring an alum now now now so you hear what value you don't buy gifts you've you've talked it out eliminated CF you toughen up this season for the them and then a late Christmas in July. You reach out hey guys Crist is a lot of stuff about Christmas in December no gifts yet nuggets this December. Think somebody on my team in the morning kiss FM. My morning we talk about Tino gives us this plug Doug grant Greg brought. Us about it. And. You know got a gut on that unexpectedly between I don't watch you probably need it maybe you could do about it donate yeah. Like yeah I expect it's not like that'll make you feel a lot better. I would rather take. To anonymous then in my life and give that 200 dollars to some family that needs it in on the north side and not gonna have and I'm an act to have food. Right and don't make yourself happy to do that and have our Ed big you know. Giving get it is ample ample. Why you're like why don't I everyone very want cabinet you do what you get when you knew you'd still patent army got there is so much fun. O'Donnell and Al some floor I try to act all but yeah no light no exaggeration my family tried that one year in a round up these huge slice my bloody nose trust. That's true our a year from jurors saw anything everything ends and bloody nose music I. Are you were all of the follow my outfit it's that we are. I think you've got credit yeah. Silencing them go to the right threatened thanks for calling man what is your name. Lisa Lisa are great American thank you to listen to the show with him I have a Thanksgiving Neitzel and a three point seven kiss FM there as we discussed. Re personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.