Riggs - Messing With Telemarketers

Friday, August 11th

Karma is a great thing! Riggs got a call that he knew was from scamming telemarketers, so he put a lil southern twang into his voice and decided to have some fun!


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So now they re wines. There are told again as my love for messing with telemarketers that call myself. Get a lot of the annoying calls all the time me. Mean people are all hitting you up for things and I. The voicemail Greeks he answers them of course I do you know why because they're calling me and I'm wasting their time is I've got an extra five minutes is there and I only a year's time. Absolutely nothing cellular to their working years actually helping them make that time ago. Well I'm entertaining and a little bit Castro has that I did yesterday when I had a phone call from me is solicitor talking about how I can get rid of my student loans and I'll make him. She refinanced and make my payments lowered so I was like all right. Don't have student loans to look at and say why are they calling you really don't even have a anymore exactly so I know this is the scams some like I'm gonna have some some of dispersants so our sense of thought at a high value Al billion. Oh my god really that's. And they'll southern weather right. So she was like. 8090000. Dollars. Hello is still. It's still a lot of lives sounds like he'd be a perfect candidate for this and she goes. Can ask what your payments on a hill hill I maintain it's a little while. 78 months behind on the still loan payments we got mad kids. She has my job are you aware that there is a Obama student loan forgiveness program when Obama. And president no smaller. Oh and I I got. No no it's an Obama student forgiveness program and I go I don't want not to do a little bump. I doubt I'll try one out tight get togethers that Donald Trump student loan forgiveness program as well we'd like to have you adjusted without missing a beat she's. At six hours to down generally aren't now off they say yeah. My guys senate hung up on her yeah. Yeah. On that you're gonna lice leader outages and ask her credit card and don't need to. Number is H unit three as you've taken it to that level before where I get really far as getting out some guy and I think what I really went to see how far she ago when she changed the name of the program to the Donald Jones did loan forgiveness programs solution is just matter recession that was like OK this specifically it. Yeah that's OK and that's how I spend my day now meta man living let's tell our Internet I kind of like when they can't do that in his master them why we still have telemarketer was right there as well. Just do not just. Harassed male lion is such an arcane method of getting intent to rent me my email some doubts yeah rest India textile. Salukis went that are coming out my door for some the service. Right now. One of three point 7% to rigs in LA it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.