Riggs - Lip Gloss Is Poppin'

Thursday, October 26th

Riggs' wife is a fan of using lip gloss....so much so that she puts on THREE COATS of it! Is that a bit much?! Maybe!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie relying on a three point seven kiss FM dregs and Alec. Need some help I need a female health as well which most if they've got a very good. That's something. When he went askew and Alex I was dealing levered to lip gloss horror. Did you wanted to Emeka welcome yeah my wife is a big fan of slip club and it plots is and that's the thing. Ranks that some people just live plus some in the lipstick and and lip gloss over the winter staggered site. Okay that's where I am glad you said that because I was watching my life that are lip gloss on the on the day. Reaches into reverse. But something on her lips I don't know what the hell it is. And ensuring complete reality to get back in Hershey reject pulls out another little outlets last look and think yeah there's a second one of media yeah. My dad back in a person reaches in for the surge. She's. Ferrer to our. How did make her lips a bigger so now. She has that I don't where he's plot is this normal thing for women to put this many coats avoiding. He underwent skip card act shooting club card that make you think and Kylie Jenner making you think that's a normal face and it's not. Literally don't want to let this guy has been done my plastic surgery in Hollywood is made women so self conscious about their lips yeah. Lumpur and author makes the difference from emirates. I know three coats there was like a base coach is like painting a little out of legs and threaten you think he's trying to sell zealot it is now I don't know no I don't think a lot has that I'd like. There's attention ball mom than usual and that color and in the plump for and I think three eagle on libraries I know he's a problem down and now. Nobody is a club from I don't know what that is that concern and Thailand China announced. I know women do the first in the second count okay so it's not bizarre. I'll let him I was sorry it's not clear to do the right coach she was like ask them she was like I'm sure that women do it all the time and I was like Arnold talk about it on the radio again. I have bumped her back and show. A lot of women he's plumber but I doubt how does slumber when the Indians slugged. I definitely isn't chemicals into the al-Qaeda to handle it slide and I just I don't know I don't know and it's and mountains and partly it's time to change our faces so much ideas and everything we see in Hollywood can't see it sat you're white people should any plot to put her on push cart enterprise must have described to get an awful the glass. How yeah. I. Let on there I promise you. My leg injury. Remember yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.