Riggs - Late To The Hunger Games Party

Tuesday, March 13th

The Hunger Games series was REALLY popular a few years ago, which makes it really confusing that Riggs is just now watching the films. Weirdo!


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Finale re wines. Don't judge me too soon don't judge me clean 100 points she Shaq and brings knowing it's on video and I'm. Are flattened this weekend I watched for the first time goes on TNT was the Hunger Games. How did you just watch a phenomenal series like that just now I just turned on the first when it happened and I was like Honda hunger is its size and model and I thank. Thank god hundred exited to see it's okay. I really good good they are all good. Wanna watch the rest of them now have this series do you watch it from there but getting yeah back who want it just beginning and it just startling I was like six minutes into a minor civic I'll cover Mike Moore parred to the company Aetna to kill each other and it's. Blazing hot and then she has easy cheese take your sister's place. I only saw the second one and only the second. Greats Andre said volunteers tribute to god you're. He basically every year that's like it entertainment for the whole country is Al these kids duke it out on TV until only one person's laughed a lot I don't. An annual thing on the market. I'm David the Hunger Games she asks. My little sister got chosen got pulled off quite Jennifer Lawrence volunteer shrimp yeah. I'll wait for her little sister and then succeeded and obviously she lives because hello she's alive at the end of the Hunger Games and I'll know that cameras yeah. The other day passes are. Zinc lead hands or if I Stanley Tucci were do you think we imagine it got so hot trying to those abilities yes Staten. Very impressive was pissed myself and it waited this long who are not address the US dialogue about hunger aids is good and I. President now but I can't find anywhere that has Amani morgans and is randomly caught shelling of the Hunger Games. Yeah. Usually that you tolerate him either of these search or map polar had two or three bucks a Rummy mania rent of viewers who write them and I thought of going to Stanley video instead Allison. Let me get my and a copy of a hostile. Only video that much harder if only affiliate video but a family video that's constantly with a crazy people I don't. I'd have to like. A lot of videos I know who are these people the great Americans look at. He VHS is not on her right I'd be cutting it reminds. All right guys LSU got the Pentagon got to time depending on the street I don't. Praise without target that shows clearly ripped off lied and some people took got a fairly pretty late give us. Sundays I'm hits and Hunger Games now I was seemed isn't until he. Have a busy and so you are made it all that and he got he died right in the middle still alert cop show so it. Study how he's that Evan any kind of isn't. Watch that I don't want any reason I think I'm pretty sure they filmed most of the last wanna they added that it. So that whatever they didn't have for yeah. I can't remember now but I just remember that the Hunger Games are to watch him over and over there gray suit targets here ready these great cars laughed at and T actually to watch the rest of and I was only this is amazing otherwise the rest let me show all of them TNT what else. And makeup and that cost in and I was Elizabeth Payne said. The guy isn't that are like the whole cent an hour Sutherland is the big the big guy who does deep voice is pretty and pretty decent joining us this 2018. And great. I'm rigs just thought how. Soccer games left plus do you think it's exactly the party played to the party bishop Brad and I like here is how. I get out of the reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.