Riggs - It's HOW MUCH For The Hotel?!

Wednesday, June 13th

Riggs experienced a bit of sticker shock when he saw that he was going to have to pay MAJOR bucks for a weekend visit to the Dells later this month.

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This is a an Alley rewind you know there's a big difference between going to dells and October and going to the dells in June and he now is a big difference in a freak and prices of everyday and. Why what sticker shock man's shop. That's a freak you out that will my wife and I wanted to go and hang out at the dells gamble we wanted to go to Dara villain heck can check out devils lake again it's our tiger's outdoor stuff yes and tons of sense of like that is czar that half so the same hotel we were staying at my life was like what do we book a hotel. It was only like it was only like a hundred bucks a nice hold on you went to air in this past Apatow says I. However. Look at the middle of summer to be the same I don't mean just look at this they want the best western and Arab though it's really hot. So the ticket item and it was doubled as joy out. Thank and welcome to summer why do you think people stand in line for hours for Dell's but I don't think you you can save her cell like everybody I'm telling you so much and yes it is like you and the people that bewildered passing great wolf I mean he's 2300 at night is it was a subliminal what was lately let's check this lesson is let's doesn't you don't understand it's known in the Dell's see how everything is expensive everybody's yelling there and I stated an old dumb B line last summer and I still lobbed it yeah. Feel like our regionals now are. 180 bucks a nighter something yeah. She needs her -- digging get out of the dells for less than 200 bucks a night now and some of the nicer when you cook I bet you'd really be an Adobe are now. I think roadside near LA Rihanna. Yeah he get a plug in copy machine you wait so you couldn T get. That was or even one available that's a lottery yeah it is just double the price of what it was not tellers and channel we're still gonna go I think but we're not gonna go two nights complete this stick whatnot it's. A a regime has its. You everything went well. I'll do night and I doubt leave maim and you know your job. Double man has double the prize every Sampson. Guy would they can't we tampering and what's you don't get a there's so many hotels and houses you get written Delhi to bring a dog we might be India to do I did at the dells one year you could air millions of acts yeah we isn't it tells you were actually in -- taxi shall remain nameless we are to adults on vacation we took the like are we to boat and we took about locks and we drove that we bring to the cabin like right on -- Blake and there is super easy to go the rental properties that are being impeach you can go through anything you can do about it like months in advance for example. Wasn't half hearted man ballpark when he gallon. When I was next week in the league and after simulate honey Thursday the next week 23 yet the next weekend. My point is we gonna house that we cooked and we you know we hung out we've dollars and apparently travel agent Gibbons is on over parents' house. Abby a room tell. His book me an entire house. A lot of money being here right now. Obviously the ultimate deal they would breasts cast he's house sitting there in the front and Kathleen Brown. Wisconsin Dells mom and pops motel the 78 bucks a night by the drift to bed one private bath it's accepted 78 dollars. W it is lights never gonna go there right center and let let let's not gonna go to a better life time yeah. Our next -- have seemed rooms is that like a bears there are skinned Darren law there and do your head where McDowell it's there it's after SpinRite run in front of the fire must also tell area of Molotov motel and that. It's got a couch a little sore ribs are. Green car yeah. So proud of the got the green car rental guy out there that did that carpet that they can't just so much DNA and I can even see an idiot to hang glide carpeting Ira and I'm sorry pushing green carpet and I write when I see her yeah I would agree that metadata is not a billiard tables and hotel room isn't going to write to how also wherever it's easier. Take exams and but it was still getting that shock of going in October than going in peak season now I'm on the new the new sense that he's so busy what you godaddy for that I ask it anyway different experience went different. Mrs. Letterman lens of those Dell. Only makes sense Riggs and Elliott Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.