Riggs - Hockey Over Football...REALLY!

Wednesday, September 20th

Alley would NEVER let her kids sign up for football, but she totally would let them play hockey. Riggs heard this and was FLABBERGASTED!!!


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This is a finale rewind so value said before that you don't wanna put your kids and football ranked up easily do and how did you think there's no cause I don't. And saying we know that's. We don't now how dangerous football as a fan I think seemed ill to contact everyone ignores it because they're all dropped all Americans would fall. You know they want their kids into a talkative and you're going to be the NFL and just yesterday had to do any interview with somebody for a youth. Possibly get off and he raises money and buys you know equipment for kids that wanna be in hockey league's. Rally goes the cable gets his information forming I'd like to get Hudson got it set up for hot and have an accident knocking home. And so I've leans toward Malloy blinked really hard and Ellen White give our hockey and so. Which is just as much and I am tax board as well not. We talked about so you're gonna take it. Everybody who plays hockey fight for everybody who plays knock on the case you're gonna put him on ice with metal blade strapped to his feet metal blades. And strapped to his feet out. Going full speed and other kids chasing a little pocket 60000 are being shot at them kept and you are slamming and other kids on the as your. Stupid because hockey's is is different and this just as dangerous why we do what I'm in hockey and not in football. Why would you I would seeing the wooden one and in hockey I don't think cock teases danger I think lightly Wendy I don't think it is is it the football. Every single time and you have an impact tarantulas and I went to let him play rugby. I certainly. I agree and and Jenn Cutter and let me start here are angry and I am backs in football there's contact every you know one of her eleven sec game. Little momentum every three minutes in hockey it's sixty minute now running around smashing into southern. Not everybody smash that. And nonstop and hockey city is he's watched a hockey game before let me take what they did mama gee who's in your breath away Marie is mom jump to today tell me oh yeah hockey's not dangerous and they go they pulled the most ridiculous like the worst it ever hockey where this guy gets knocked out cold legal. At its worst example ever for hockey still kids are skating at a very fast high speed and they're running into one another and how can I went for girls and be skating high speed they don't all agree to manage a business in a somber night every element. I think hockey is excellence for tiger I let let me let me I left my little get this placed upon you let it I thought I was announced that you could let him play hockey I. I hold on hold. No she she would not let me play hockey no way no how it was coordinated enough indeed it was does my head I am tiger simplest which is a long story right I've shown to my head so I wasn't allowed by a doctor to play football let's not every mom and she was being the savior every I still know. Complete flip you a reasonable equally is dangerous and ally won a tournament hockey renowned football program went wedged just avoidable together just what the height in all sorts. No impact on the high impact sports around and so what I thought to have them play because it politics they call heels obviously. The work snow here's what's killing you with Libor splash is. You know all disappeared I'll put my cuts and in soccer and the that bogeyed. It could cushion in soccer it no matter what sport is eight people come up with some excuse why it's just is dangerous it's a now a dangerous and get a concussion playing literally any because is falling on the ground you good. You capsules can and give yourself rather read what I OK okay what you're saying is it's put him in a pattern and don't let only the house have now. We have football. And if you want to play hockey find that if anything if he gets really are don't take about what do you lock brakes brakes much in a pat. Padded room he can still fall over and still injured some effort to put this oil put this boy in a bubble. Read my life. Where you have to sit there and he can roll around I'll relax though Hudson lovable. What is it kills me is that we know how dangerous to Molly is back east or people who love me I don't care if they're kids kicking trash and it's all about them yet dangerous hockey is we still bargains in hockey too that we do. I mean all these so now the study from the concussion oh Jesus I yeah hold on where I got home a week off articles you will consider it beneath an ending August setting him all you right now in a movie with will Smith and and about hockey too it's like I'm it. I kind of see Wayne Gretzky and addressed the truth is totally true. Does. Your movie. You guys are they calling in on the morning just don't know. I kind of I attacking. Yes the hockey just as dangerous as that value figured out. Are now all of the all I had my act you and I might I hadn't been playing that you are. Tacky you don't. Our exact game here at that adds that mop up we're at it very. I'll lend somebody check out so he can play now let's see how he now OK great now our signing these great. Since you're. Our dear but your body up physically keep it at all that that you buddy back. And that is I don't I'm not just the act like he played flank but small. And you don't answer yeah like impacts but I don't have that makes and took act night. The kind of you know it's safe do you believe her own right and I'm not I'm just saying it. I thought I still think hockey's Dallas to show that eventually start body checking which is dangerous thanks Chris is an impact. I thought my thought that doc Martin I I ever got. And and he that it. Yet it hasn't got one yet. It's it's dangerous duty hockey isn't aimed at. Signing on these guys agreeing to a hybrid car I would hurting you and do warning to center and now from now on now money to set to analyze them because about hockey yeah Moody's into. It could be let me ask 'cause then this year. I had a hot keys that you have been playing victory in their wanted to play football this year. Totally against that but it played football in act. Since nine balls. I'll Lamine true. Here. He is not. Football they're telling them my kid each other wanna hear his I wanna hear about. On his heroic but now I think hockey can get just like that but I know how. They're getting what he thinks he's the only other team that makes hitting and I thanks Colin stimulus and I'm sorry my kids or not. Langford all they don't play hockey they complain. And I know I hope we can save Huntsman playing hockey now he Allen. White Jersey but it's playing hunches and only give her title how easily they don't care you know how expensive it is for kids play hockey yeah we're talking like five Jesus season for a lot of money in the bottom money and no doubt all of a lot of myself for regular trash them. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.