Riggs - Hates See-Through Refrigerator

Monday, March 20th

Riggs doesn't understand the new see-through refrigerator that's been advertised ad nauseam lately. 


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This is a week's finale rewind and see what those inventions that. And you go why the hell would anybody ever need this invention why would sell out event like rap whatsoever what were you watching the NCAA games any of them over the weekend might you. And now they're like yeah. Like now in the background they kept showing this commercial for this LG refrigerator half and had all the mascots walking up to the refrigerator. If you knock on the door twice. The light turns on and you conceived as like a window you can see insides that little portion of their French. I'm sitting there watching this and keep seeing the commercial I'm like. Really that much diminished you know open up the refrigerator and look inside. Are having not thinking is that she. That's the only benefit I saw I was like you're saving energy but how much energy you really wasting bundle it and looking and checking the city can see everything you can pick things up. Instead make sure like I can see down a melt but I don't know how much milk is in there wouldn't let me actually open the fridge and didn't take something out it's like you're right looking and didn't see cited you wanna get a narrower eighth or that's why don't understand why would exist they come Lewis said you know what. I wish I could look inside the fridge and I don't wanna open Trajan is when missed. Just check in there and when the energy of you know what. When we knock twice on. It's her not an easy little window through there and produce a givens got lit up ominous warning how. No can you think this is a dumb idea I guess pretty neat. I'd away leave that door open all the time many walk away. I can find my friend Charlotte but it makes me now you know wasn't still gonna happen with a knock knock them out of their French tonight and our northern I don't know how well it doesn't automatically closed. They not getting a look inside there and an open at least kids it's just neat yeah they're not gonna have to open it because to be able to im not gonna they're gonna see everything that's inside the and in the city. I got mom bought more carrots and zucchini I don't whiny and they're gonna walk away yeah. Poor or they're gonna know exactly what they want where it is the gonna open the door you know they want enclosed and no they're gonna knock on the door they're gonna see this the vegetables. And they're getting a chair. But it share up against that fridge that they're gonna get them that cookies are out of the top of the friends yeah. Gelatin print that on top of the tree I. I do Iger had given botnets that technology is giving me and the other needle isn't done with appliances besides the one you're talking about Regan might knock on the free agency and the camera no V washing machine that's. And every few minutes an overnight thing Casey back your right to know. Sure there is now washing machine that keeps it fresh and spend every soft and it's. Yeah that is genius I see a commercial for kids who don't just sit there and it's a gross yeah. That all that I marked a rerun it aren't out there and technology you crazies let's listen I'm. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.