Riggs - Halloween Prank Gone Wrong

Tuesday, October 31st

Riggs was an absolute lunatic in high school. You won't believe the Halloween Prank he pulled off! Dude almost got locked up. Seriously!


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This is a week's finale rewind is one of three point seven kiss FM and Halloween today. These are pulling pranks for the past five or you're currently my Halloween pranks. I did as a factor at all I care about this campaign to get a typical. Everybody get your body because the. He's like this Halloween of 1997 remember the movie scream that came out who has slid and the ghost face guy like the ghost mask killer power Minkow. Matt David Arquette got to get. Would you Gary Moore is an excellent 45 seconds you typically killer from the beginning at Texas where merchants are reluctant to let president got a will be funny to crank these girls they were having a sleepover for Halloween Abraham. Sleepover parties so fifteen year old rigs and his friend Jake decide. We're gonna crank call these guys who start calling them with the spooky voice from screamed at him one of those voice changes made it out. And then we decided it would be funny to have him. What state float all over itself looks like he got killed gap and go out into the front yards and actually he was screaming like he had been murdered but my job. I have need dresses that goes face killer. I think a lot of surfing on the window and chasing them are on the house. Not thinking that they're probably gonna call the police yeah yeah when this starts happening they see their friend has an extremely low blood on him. So yeah police were called. We ran no. Betty no suspect himself who he was they decide dial this screening itself meet with the scream mask accommodated no yeah obviously it's the mascots of where we ran the a yellow they were gonna call the police sure you this now we just saw the cops pulling out all his rolled up silently didn't headlights on or anything. So we had back in the backyard has waited for them to leave but that's probably would've been bad for everybody. Chrysler right there did you imagine she yeah man to a strain and instantly stream your golf we have too much weight. Is a guy who wrote home to the space that was excellent talent isn't really dark it was weird in high school which oddities like this so stringent that affect. You ran late when the cubs aren't like it was a joke is playing Brandon hit in the bush. Oh we've ran fighter flight man we just ran into Joseph when he got away with it though so had a little bit. But they asked if we did it later there it was that you guys Sweden and its. You never denied an up I never fessed up to a solid third looks like we show right now that I know now OK I noticed remembered and ignore those girls live now. Let's talk a minimum it's a couple outlets here and there are 1990s Zach. Years ago god I hate to break into your wrong all right that was high school for us way back when casino break. Attending he was murdering his strength and our. Matta the world right there was there was they thanks. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.