Riggs - The Hairy Dinner

Wednesday, July 18th

What would you do if you went out for dinner and there was a HAIR in your food!? That just happened to Riggs! Listen to find out if you'd handle it the same way he did.

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An Alley where I. Casey mr. the first of three point seven kiss FM drink finale with each let's say you sit down with your wife or your significant other or somebody and they deliver your meal can you look down and as your pulling up a piece of the food you realize there is a hair. That is not yours. That is not the person who wins here is very clearly someone else's hair girl yeah. Guess senses back immediately and life was like just one hair. The old what do you mean just one hair. What do you what about the other hairs I can't seem and I the end there I. Would you send it back right away and would you do the same things. Would you do any damage that I would do what they think you're just. Leave the restaurant I'll let you know I would leave I'll be so grossed out I would quarter something different just racially and take it back to your hair off to bring it right back because the same thing mobile I was little big risk to save risks and Allen going to the whole thing wondering if there's any more hairs in it. Is I'm the type of person as soon as they see one hair if it gets in my mouth. Of course I am leaving us again and in my mouth all. I understand it's human. Urine didn't heed the Molly your cooking and it happens I understand sometimes that happens I don't understand it do. Restaurant or food I don't understand. And I don't let that announcement from what was the meal. We are getting it was a pad Thai was a shrimp pad Thai all appreciate you so here it is a and iceman right. And that when the server can back it goes it's weird he goes because the cook doesn't have long and the potential here and is wearing hair nets. Like he told me that he was I don't know whether hair can enjoy any bad hair somewhere in there somewhere kitchen and what does it I'm an. Sir say all. Well when it was terrible times by now like I was here all over the place like five straight hair my car well I district of hair my kitchen and saying yeah. And girl's haircut Falwell many choices float today so I say I understand what happens I don't think somebody maliciously took a hair off there had what I'll show you. Oklahoma hostile ground students. 100% Carla she thought that it was clear that a senate back that it wouldn't keep eating it. Just because of one hair she has looked clearly just fell on top he can keep eating it don't you do you not want to V. What was going on I don't know what she when she I mean why did it reason not to sit back just as you're afraid of that conference yeah that was. I don't see any other reason to not. I don't know either possess the first thing SM is a flight anatomy as of what will follow us our hair is not mine lives there I think it's unpleasant. It's just got audio every. I. My Buddhist thought I can't. Right here for thanks life imprisonment after little searching with trip pad Thai looks like I can't believe you ordered the same thing could I would have freaked out ordered something completely different aura that would give up front would allow it to break my fear of a spot on the man all right how awkward to say go back to the kitchen you know I don't want that there should be able to. Terrific terrific with the same things sure are fall or no hair this time please leave I would. No hair. So what are opposite I'll hang up to analysts say as a places there's pad Thai and hair. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.