Riggs - Gonna Hang With His Half Bro

Friday, August 17th

The saga involving Riggs' extended family continues. You heard all about his brothers who live in Milwaukee. Now, it's time for him and Riggs to get to know each other a little better.

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Makes an Alley re wines. One of three point seven kiss FM it's regs an Alley tells you remember when we were talking about how I found that I have to half brother lives in Milwaukee to stress this is crazy it is yours sperm donor father yes it's best friend to see it isn't right. It now he's on your two Brothers here there's scenes here and is also seeds and want to Seattle Washington as well let's I don't. Artist racing brought peer group in India so the fact that he would have been Milwaukee now for years to bring our eyes are here is even weirder and so go ahead Greg sell I was talking with a one half brother of the listen walk issue on probably on about. It is we've been exchanging text messages or the last couple months he's been busy with his job I've been busy with we have summer fastow a lot of stuff going on who kept missing each other and trying to make plans will we finally made plans for today pool today were meeting elect for having until lunch. Wanna get binoculars or watch one tally was glad I. As I should like to get veto or we pop up with binoculars Alec looking around and his Brothers he withered on we need to go at the same place at a different table Wear disguises. Relax you know I must I don't I will not begala I swear to god our senators get out of my head right now. I'm gonna ask you know yeah. To be there eight to witness it indeed we are sure if something happens weights. Riggs I don't know if I'm the best supporting weak and almost all strode off my wig. I ripped off by the way let. It got into dale hair is how loyal they are very heavy artillery. I would not feel this that there are quietly I will rip off my wig right over your table been like Sally. As the lead investigator on this show and you have to not blow your coverage you don't keep it cool this is why FBI now he's gonna send out her stuff. I'm right here that I seriously you're sure like comes he is your water and I read the age don't forget it I tell you how do you know what kind of questions. Or even a tournament what ten I don't know what to say Iran. What do you say to somebody as your half Freddie never really met like say you're talking about a star's first of all you're gonna talk about general stuff show our work I can life. Yeah he's how. Girl have just what are your life so lag yeah is this the brother who recently graduated know this is the other one okay but here's where engine Jeter's a packed so you'll he could finally got a lot of raw that general south Leah guess someone any really bad and Dan do you bounce and ample device that's why I'm saying yes. Beer common ground yen is you were the same experience with your your your sperm donor father. He's. PO box over there I don't think there's like a week and a half for 32 week gap where we didn't talk and it didn't respond to him and said. I'd sari have been busy edges when you know I wasn't pulling at dawn on you. I thought OK I can appreciate that as Ellen no not ducking out idea and this is what we're kind of so you're the guy who you know Davis earlier bomb tasks that laughter like your little sister against Aaron and and Arnold was or something went dark isn't even matter is a baby diet yeah I know there's I had a daughter and I left to cheating. So my thing is on what it comes it like. You don't hear resentful about him being in their life for a longer period now because you don't think it was discovered just as bad as I was do you feel like you were luckier than your half Brothers because you had no doubt it was always there I think we're both we were both Canada dealt that hand with him the gap he left as both an horrible situations when you're a celebrity after I got lucky because they didn't have other brother's gas. I guess and you yeah. No because you added data error he did it everyday that laughter oh yes yes I have a sense you were actually better off so it's eatery. Now visionaries Ngo and how he never got up there in my life. The deficit to but he did have his mom it's still there could stay there and out of the does that mean he's not traumatize -- DC you're definitely heading into your dad leaving and I don't think he had dad's bouncing in and out so I guess I got the better and this is he totally looks the year yeah okay maybe tiger carriages leaves your mom and his identity that's all you know I just have a stable father figure. The smile has still hopes to have you got our guidance is that. We have no beef with your half brother but I'm concerned about you know why do you think. Is that this meeting could Kurt tell your so over summer or that you might really get leaders like I don't know and thrown out of I'll listen up for the source Summers like not even the second there is a little way of life for me I have a I didn't ask if he does I eating did you just call me. I just to help raise Wigan right mix it doesn't Gibbons will be Elena said the new TI inputs. I had been on 101000% series do you want us to go into I need to know this guy 110 did I want somebody to be their mail me blind that's vision about sinned and like leg. Hidden dragons are usually and Meehan like a giant way to big sunglasses and I don't you pigs president elect clowns are I. I guess every order. Don't cry you know I hate the idea where we're gonna be an eleven foot tall person. How he's going to be on my shoulders and Arnold law trends tell us the giants sure to be hobby than hollow grounded for a lot of yeah. Given an Alley it is synapse so. Don't totally don't out. You guys have come really my little my little town people don't you think you know again an update on Monday or on the our minds what a three point seven casesa. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.