Riggs - Girl Scouts Are Cheaters

Friday, January 19th

Riggs has a major beef with the Girl Scouts. He feels they're cheating the system and not putting in much work. Do you agree or disagree?


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time Dahlia a question for you guess her eggs I know he used to be a girl scout rights yes probably I just cookies to act like. Philadelphia got it right. Let's just got out there are great when you were a girl scout asked how did you go about selling your girls compete what do you do to sell that I eight blocked her door bore I would just go to like my parents friends since they way you myself. We use it as though. Because he did and the Internet did right and my friend lady of the fellas take in about background. Dial here I learned girls don't confuse love them and I love everything the girl a stand he'd be. Communists and I go all right some approximating that I think that the Internet is making the girl scout cookie selling. Cheating now how plays I think this I think it's cheating to have a parent send out messages to be. Buy from my daughter here's the link text or call me and I'll set you up IB. Be honest I would rather just put on your status you can sign up for six boxes at that men's and we have to go to the whole process that you're coming to my house and maybe it like. That's awesome and in Philly. I also find you have to but I. It just right on the Internet I also think it's lazy the people who are bringing this thing into the office now like hey the order forms in the kitchen sign up and I'll take it up at the end of the day and that seems so lazy if you got your kid is a learning anything from that you've got to everybody in action they're learning that you are doing all the work for them I think that's why I think it's cheating. I don't think it's teaching your kids anything Alicia showing them. Look we're gonna use the Internet maybe you're sitting down with your kidding showing them how you doing and Harry going through the process that would make its assets series dregs it's going to be out there are the odds. The something is to become an entrepreneur or learn how to be no industrial and be creative and he'll garner some sales on your own and drama not my hero and isn't that what girls guesses about learning how to do things. Fresh yet yes yes yes but he granted all the. Worked for ear nibbling here. The parents are doing all the work curious that it isn't going anywhere else and doing everything around before messages from parents allow they're like hey my daughters Ellen could you let me know if you won any among the maybe he may talk to me and I used to have you figure they're up. I could easily be allowed you know why your hater much and leave me alone on this I think it's cheating. You don't want to order a lesson shows up at your door yes at two in the afternoon and yes I know I. Aren't enough good old days yeah are in the middle school elementary school when the girls Catholic set up outside of a grocery store gas and parents I haven't seen that. It is after a joke they always order extra they won't need to because the web site that was sort of my other parent is gonna begin to go on the gonna solve the girl scout Clinton haters to examine some of the I loved being a girl scouts' eyes I I love La. Got so lucky in love with the stands ready Edmonton when your who your parents give your parents are going to the troops who I understand I think with a very distorted the true identity with a parents do the Boston for the kids. The kid is that a thing is that everything that. In his final and that's the problem that's the problem to solve I mean they you just take your girl scout Haiti but yeah I don't know any way. C get. Do you. Know I said I love the girl scout and everything we stand for playback I do yeah. Yeah. I would parents are laid. CNN has put up the damn thing I say here I make it's Turkey's from the tech slide Texan lit up. I totally agree with the rays lazy the cell line totally agree Girl Scouts and sell the cookies themselves not the parents do and I. I don't buy unless I get a visit or a phone call from the drop LC. And out thank you for your attacks. Yeah. Sure we are nosy people are serious to somebody's calling awkwardly RB did you talk to girls cookies. People passionate dear good morning to. Ask you ought to put your name Madeleine. Megan what do you call about me on my head. I'm no I'm not an outside of because they did and it Garcia Eric thought the apparent order actor has got to go but up our burger well I've seen effort like. I don't know. And that's why I would buy him a ticket saves and I see the girls there after a this girl they're saying would you like to back cookies sure I would. So don't judge just because that Becker about that how they make some money some reports are true. We don't due to the social stuff to get out there and yeah it that's like not doing your video go to people that Saddam. I go door to door until everybody in a similar to our. Are you got a little hot hot you're crazy if you don't get me into social media these guys and we should know that the vast drags sell it or not. No thick you're out their battle how to integrate well. Like Brazil the saleswoman and our office he has a girl her daughter film and video that says hey my name's what her name is considered outselling the face of an outlet that's cool I'm like is you have your daughter doing the video and she's learning that she's making the video it's not the parent do in the lazy work for a good. Aren't any she made a video and our she's data's always order online. Okay that's an apparent victim when they have the paint lack. I had her true nature con man. Parent editing the video ended kids editing the media know she's helping now but she's still very media obsessed taken anybody that's been. There are getting here and it's cute yes you wanna kiss FM less. All she you're on the air business. Harriman and I'll tell you what he's maybe it was a girl. Hey Charles how yeah I believe I mean it was the girl scouting trip it was a little girl. Now it's not going to let let me go right now ideally around the records are many rigs get a tiger out. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.