Riggs - Ghosting The Sperm Donor

Friday, April 20th

Riggs has ZERO relationship with his birth father. Now the "sperm donor" is trying to get into Riggs' life. Should he open this door or keep it shut forever?

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She missed it the first time. And I'll realize. If you guys ever goes to your own father before now but I'd like to take some tips or mucus and pragmatic it's a minor does he really it's. Is this just chatter your character you'd like your real pattern your like sperm donor dances like my real step my real father Mike does the burns out earth father you ask does my mom and dad obvious he had me when I was much younger and that involves Ted can he did his agency was and energy with another woman copies of dish. Right. Yeah. He left you for how many years he. Thought enough he came in and out of my life he can't even common they're like hey this is my son and and framing Iran and everybody looked less. Let me they would disappear so each and how he would it raises other kids and any try to come back in a rigs like he's addition that I was had a first in town are called a previous encounter was married before. He's in in my first wedding date. And call me like a week before he goes there's political was happy birthday and I got on getting married in a way to me. All do you mind if I come so my blood might sperm donor father shot at my wedding price they got a picture of her FaceBook of course a free meal they get make everyone he had. Sat outside like making it look good on the outside I'm so he's got to come to the wedding and and when he's involved usually are not in any disappeared for a while many came back about seven or eight years ago accountable walking brought one of his kids because he had other kids went to women in your brother persons in their half Brothers and related recently I had no one can I have. Guys settled now around Alley and like seven Ari how. Brothers and sisters that I have no idea who got our Mary. So now seven years later he sent me a face that matches as handy just cellphone number I'm coming up to see mice other son graduate from medical. That would hit it. Come see you while I'm up there and was like. Amanda you go to your other kid's graduation all the stuff he's what I am C need is gonna come scene at a convenience so this man has come in in my life only when it's. Lenient for him I don't evil. That's the only exact first hit a lot of man to walk out in their right now but I wanna see my kids today now I haven't thought about them in five years yeah. Never once Germany's Michael my mom yesterday I don't what do I do that this guy I want to see me again it was like why did something in me it feels guilty and my mom and yelled yeah. I castrate a white alike feel bad as she's known to your feeling bad because you're letting him make you feel bad you're painting your feeling not yes he clearly has no pain over a terrible he had it. Obliterate let's do something about it earlier Harry tang excel is it weird for me did just dosed him in just ignore the message is out so anyway. I don't think he deserves to be in her life now frankly and he's got a great father who ratio I do and I think that the sperm donor can dish your asset I think he's got a lot of air coming here thank at a lot of advocates make bad like deceit to even though I have a better routes do you dated each player I tell this guy that therapists or something he doesn't marriage counselor now. Now wait. My how I would write a sense but then rigs was telling me about face and messages that they exchanged. And didn't like the timeline nearly part so this time he reached up and in seven years later reached out that yeah later you create doubt. Engine since since you don't have to feel bad though. That what you feel bad about it telling you has nothing it's about you eat out and saying like you don't telegraph a good person amended human yeah. You know you have the thanks partially. My real my dad has raised me guys I know my step dad who adopted me and my dad feel guilty because of your dad that actually raise you. I didn't sell out there and see it's apparently it's it's huge or did you mean I myself. Think you have to feel bad because I think you should just goes today the sperm donor I think he's got a lot of nerves and I. It's like to be very offended if a guy wasn't in my life my sperm donor dad and then said I'm cutting. Your brother's graduation Steinbrenner is an Internet you know these articles are here to block can shake a far better apply to block it contestant gets ahold of their level yeah that's him or on the yeah just move on the blocking him makes him think that he's effect you know I just does don't they just ignored. What do you think Castro is so stupid that don't level now with this totally dizzy she is that because that's our rigs I felt good about. I say go some don't delete it don't walk on the volunteer like London enjoy to meet you our engines are doubting them in the background file size you could you know. I am done yeah. I held up again at fourteen Malia and they look same great grandson of writing I come YouTube's. And I go yeah I know you'll matter I. Guy get out now exhaust my own father asks do it is that you my father's sperm donor to write and tell you were geared for it was one pumped. But a friend that sent I. Rigs in LA it's Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.