Riggs - Getting A New Car Or NA?!

Monday, June 18th

After months of car drama, is Riggs FINALLY going to buy a new car, or will he continue to run his current whip into the ground?

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind time. And Diana card to get looked at by a trusted friend yeah half. Mechanics down and television added added element yeah but I can say it was a mile drive down and and Olivia had a friend Steve Paterno one of those listings. With my god how trough my head. All of pop pop pop up. Arms under your car and like listen now you can ask ass a look at underneath that and so on this needs to be repaired tiny its new brakes so. Comes out to about 800 dollars is what I would have to spend to get this car on my cars car needs more crap I squirted out he keeps saying that how do you feel like I. Your car so I decided to do some research and find out how much I'd spent repairing my car in the last 365. Days. Yeah why ticks I was curious you would you say that I was like man really may be a business out of my car yeah that's why I don't see. 530 dollars in the last year a guy that's always spent on repairs and you can't. And keep that don't complain that's the point now though I think you need it he said he made a decision I. That I like you're gonna keep you can't complain that decision as to fix it and keep it IE one OK can I just because. Money why your stupid did you or your beard you dish in six months she's up to dearly thank my father RO I. As of late last week I was like bridge just get a new car. You you can afford it with the help but you know what he's juicy toes you can afford something doesn't mean you have to get it now Rick spent. 562 dollars and a year do you spend a month maybe two months on a car payment and I your car's going to be good for another year probably you your car. Here are constantly repair that's the real issue because there are good you're gonna have to make car to make my daughter -- a card to get Essex the brain that's also true have to get tires and wants to violent to get a new battery things happen there's no not comparing it it's hard your guys don't matter anymore I'm not gonna bitch about it well until all right Jesse well let's. It yeah you're you're you're you're gonna become and it's a terrible thing the person on FaceBook. Who bitches and moans about to be runs and yell just get a new one and they're gonna know that you have the means to get a new one yeah and you know you have the means even known as neo. Screw it I'll do it might think this is what I wanna know and you might become a little to the bad guy a little bit of the heel because of they're gonna post here to the back it's going to be great. The so yeah it give it is giving you financial advice by the way right. I can't figure it out why haven't they had checked. Excellent by I. I action never being well we got to Texas of 137 somebody said I spent over 141000 dollars in my cards this year because I was in accidents totaling two of them solution so I think you should stay wants us to stick to the course of insurance those people they I. It is the law if you keep your car up even announced it affects any bit right. I would certainly gave him Marty it added there you don't do it down. You're going to yeah I am running right into the grass I am going to keep golf Imus saves and get yourself. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.