Riggs Fish Fry Frenzy

Friday, February 16th

Gibbons needed some lessons in the world of the famous Wisconsin Fish Fry...So Riggs and Alley took him to school.  


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Alley give it says something that offended me yesterday I just threw me into a tale small. Shock get off my face until I don't know video. Really took me into a mood yesterday. I was talking about fish Fries Wright's yeah and a Wisconsin tradition and now a delay and so everybody knows this Chrysler deal to pass. Out of the woodwork McKinnon yeah I guess. Is sure to McDonald's. The big hit yet headed guys welcome Donna if he goes he cock softening was elf is prejudice the same and I was think. Why should. I feel like you're much I can't Wisconsin. Old. Well no fish Fries are not on the same old nun. None of you are very wrong to use a genetic cod I track right yeah I had to go unnoticed by ample ways I assumed I guess from putting correctly that there all golfers. Crackling overly battered with the guests like Jeff Frye need to. Peace efficiently she get the break their whenever Reitman who needs based c'mon now I don't think it'll drive you wouldn't get made I know you only get you well rigs are totally get married and ElBaradei and pilots get fish trying to get -- get out of your did you grow up eating fish right that was constant in Milan and it turns out it does not just fathers had a good there's Berkshire there's blue gill is also is a different I don't think it's hard you don't think are about fishing I go just give me the fried fish yeah. That's I would give him a look kind of the issue wanted to fish fry. No you just take whatever I you know I'm. And so not Wisconsin man on man very Wisconsin thing that is 79 I'm an author of seven your fashion. And where is the best one ago that there's tons of there's one where they will this packing house were people like lie down here yes. I. I'll play. Even more. Even when it's not Lance just a regular Friday October that's right in there when it's not linked to still list this Bill Lynch put it into lent. It's still lit. There's a great way you're doing Catholic one on the show and I am yes did you get to eat you know we are not that religious so did you go to bomb. During neverland. Now I didn't. I like to do good things villains and giving something up like social media or alcohol sugar like a lot of people live I'll just say we all need in life a lot. I was like Apple's sincerity that he does things to somewhere else I like to try to do something nice every time for somebody like at least once an eighty something nice something with good karma now as better than giving up something stupid churning out. Adrian tiger announced. Candy business it is a kid in the candy you should take this or FaceBook page gets people remember a lot of opinions on the Dahlia about it was getting on good morning kiss FM yet economists tries. What do you say. To pay up get up and down or they end Fred. It's a democracy it is legit. Never gets invited gadget at all and it got on the deck for all the cars around the cool atmosphere it's great 100%. I agree with you on that thing for Colin. That later on FaceBook for shared half everybody's gonna have a place to say for the should try as well I don't disagree and go up with somebody said machine shed she'd only been in the she's had for breakfast I don't ever running up and I appreciate your help. Help me. And now. He's in this. And all due to the media don't consider tomorrow morning okay so yeah I'm not joking that.