Riggs - The Elegant Farmer's Apple Pie is BAE!

Friday, July 13th

After living in Wisconsin for 8 years, Riggs FINALLY made his way to The Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago. He even brought in an apple pie to share! Best. Friday. EVER!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind what they've point seven kiss FM trees in Alley should we get my place is deafening you know legit for our time I mean he's cheated out of body scam this place of power. He cannot and all boxer announces. I. Really don't you dare and you savage. You better believe elegant farmer. I've driven by the alien farmer 400 times but it never locked him up and wanna go yeah cell where Valium barbers a tip number one ago. They have like you know I'm eating do I exit mean there's a train stops right behind it he would take a train there have been inciting game. Dozens have been set I kind of activities is another like I am famous farm in Wisconsin. I'm in now the second Cracker Barrel on cracked inside like we'll see my honey don't buy side spices seasonings meets the at a deli at a Reuben sandwich it was ridiculous out onto Amanda who. May in my sandwich nice organizing and said afterwards is a tour major sandwich that was gotten to that area and Bob Dylan's. Amazing everything was good that and then they say that all the high stack and the fact that Fred the brown bag tie them never had armor and you know so. Good it's. Let me get everything demons public you dig into a first already asked the lady behind the counter assessing what is it about the brown paper bag went YE does that make it better because everybody talks to apply that to have that they have. So it is so pretty right in the box apparently big lead in the bag. Retains this clip. Rarely can that temperature it in the bag a lot warmer and it can now you sealant some of the moisture with the apples so a taste better I guess Seattle. You know what let's just let's just play another son go get try to get the good fortune. Eric you would have no right rallies are stage your mother see you they are not easily be our nominee did a nice place. Yeah elegant farmer in the blog. This thing is you're not your blog I'll be ready to go all the way out there have been heat there's a what I somebody great places him in so many times when I've seen them like it that atom at work before and haven't had one because they're gone immediately. Do you elegant armor is amazing man apple try to brown bag is the best there is a reason that they called the vast central by the other day and yesterday and yeah and it is set that was gonna bring one interest you told me how did they are Alley this program and now you're going all keyed LC candidates what else. I want us now live from afar because doing it with this yeah as I wish that spelled out how had a good as he was announcing the town not a an attempt. I get so I did I find I'm not freaking out. Malaria a mile in the life so were some of you I am not going to find I'm tired Adams agent dollar I think now or how. I'd that would be doing an auto and still there was apparently out of formal apple one that was supposed to gallon did this it was supposed to be way better world. Mentally and and how you make an anomaly better better better than this whole. Yes we'll. Knock out what a guy had blown a 100% and I did that how my god what do you think of the apple pie the apple does very moist. I can taste the cinnamon in the sugar as he checked in and a visual Appleton. Each and every one I can taste it like eight I can taste the woman slicing the Apple's hand. In my mouth and slicing. Isolated taste right now is 7037. If you have learned is sure he can go to the push to get another one because we have to do it took a tour of the highs. I'm Dallas time dude it's like yeah. My tasteless we like there's a party in my mouth right and like too many people showed up to the parties are so many good taste McLaren OneCare support is overcrowded but it's so good. Probably that put them my FaceBook page and then people started coming out of the woodwork saying you have to try this you have to track the cheesecake bars you have to get apparently a pot pies that they make an Allen former candidate you need farmers and meat the meat farmers Popeye and they've cranberry kinda hard last. Clear the person that Texas did not know it is much you wanna go not much broader golf monk wanna gum. We import correctly and help terrorists the end of the health care the white allegedly while OK caller I want to help. Actually not bad but it should be yeah act will. If a 100% I'm glad I'm really a semblance of it took me eight years to try that don't want pomp and sorry how did not I. I smelt that do did I got the crunchy part of my strong. Yeah like it's just I don't remember it yeah he's like he's. Marty regularly. A high hitter out yeah. I have a feeling she's not old Oregon and his daughter likes. Her out there and stop it so. I did did that meet our guards are playing a cartel inquiry so possessive. All did the apple pie Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.